How to Create Joyful Holidays With Your Kids – Even (especially) During Divorce

How to Create Joyful Holidays With Your Kids – Even (especially) During Divorce

You may be going through a divorce, or it might be your kids who are grown and living their own lives. You may have new roles in life that involve travel, or you might be trying to rebuild after a major loss. Despite these challenges, there is still hope for creating joy in your life–and even during divorce!

Research has shown that people who can remain positive during stressful times tend to thrive more than those who allow themselves to become overwhelmed by negative feelings (or indeed any feelings at all). So whether you’re celebrating the holidays this year or simply looking for ways to strengthen family bonds after a difficult period comes an end

Make it a family affair.

  • Make it a family affair.
  • Whether or not you can celebrate with your children, take the opportunity to spend time with them and their friends at this time of year. You don’t have to go all out—just having fun together and celebrating the things that matter most will make this holiday season truly special for everyone involved.
  • If some people are unable to attend because they’re too busy working or traveling, try setting up an alternative activity (such as going out for lunch) that allows everyone involved in creating memories together.* In addition, consider including other family members who may be missing out on this important occasion by sharing pictures and videos online using social media platforms like Facebook Live or Periscope so everyone can watch from home if needed!

Let your kids pick their dates.

One of the best ways to create joyful holidays is to let your kids pick their dates. This may seem like a small thing, but it can make all the difference in how they feel about their experiences.

Letting them choose their activities and locations makes them feel like they have control over what happens during these special days. It also allows them to take ownership of planning these events, which will help build confidence in both themselves and their child later on as he or she grows older (or becomes an adult).

When picking out activities for your kids’ upcoming holiday celebration this year, consider allowing them to choose:

  • Where you’re going (if possible) – You don’t have time for multiple trips back and forth between different places? Let them decide where we should go! It might be worth looking into local attractions/attractions within driving distance from each other so everyone can enjoy at least one memorable day together as well as save money on gas costs while doing so 🙂
  • What food there’ll be served (and if not just ask yourself why not?) – No matter how much fun everyone else has had during dinner parties lately or whether anyone wants dessert afterward anyway…it’s always nice when someone else cooks something up too!
  • So why not let us help out here too?! Plus if nothing else comes up then perhaps my mom could suggest something delicious from her side dish menu which would impress anyone who hadn’t known before today…

Reuse the holidays for others.

If you’re in a situation where you have to spend time apart from your child, it can be easy to feel like your time together is the only thing that matters. But the holidays are an opportunity for both of you to make memories together—and these memories can last a lifetime.

If there are any ways that one or both of you could help someone else this season, consider doing so. Whether it’s donating food items or money toward charity (or even volunteering) during the holiday season would be particularly meaningful for kids who may not have much family support at all right now

Plan meaningful activities together.

  1. Get creative.
  2. Plan fun activities that are both meaningful and educational.
  3. Work as a team to make sure the activity is safe and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Abandon all screens and more time with each other.

  1. Take time to be together.
  2. Talk about what is going on in your life.
  3. Do something together, like a walk or a hike.
  4. Do something you used to do when you were dating (like watching a movie).
  5. Do something new with each other, like taking the kids out for ice cream and playing games at the park Divorce!

Give back to others during the holidays.

  1. Volunteering at a soup kitchen. You can volunteer for the holidays, or you can help out throughout the year by donating your time and money to local charities Divorce.
  2. Giving gifts to people in need. This could be as simple as sending a gift card or toy to another child who may not have anything during this season of giving thanks, but also consider donating money directly through your local food bank or homeless shelter in your area. You could also give gifts directly from yourself to someone else’s family this Christmas season (or any other time of year) Divorce.
  3. Spending time with family members who are celebrating their birthdays together over Christmas break is always one of my favorite traditions ever since I was a little girl Divorce!

You can create a joyful holiday season even if you are going through a divorce, even if your children are grown and have their own families, even if you have new roles, etc.

You can create a joyful holiday season even if you are going through a divorce, even if your children are grown and have their own families, even if you have new roles, etc.

You may be experiencing sadness or grief during the holidays this year. It’s also possible that your spouse has more of an interest in hosting festive gatherings than you do; however, that doesn’t mean that it has to stop there! You can still find ways to make sure everyone feels loved and appreciated during this time of year—and that includes yourself Divorce!


The holidays are a time when families come together, but they’re also a time when people—even those who have been through a divorce—can find new meaning in their lives. You can do this by choosing activities that are meaningful for you, for your kids, and for other people who may be living difficult times of their own. We hope this article has given you some ideas on how to do that Divorce.

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