Yep, You Read That Right! A Lawyer Was Caught Having Sex On Camera During A Hearing!

_Yep, You Read That Right! A Lawyer Was Caught Having Sex On Camera During A Hearing!

If you’re like me, you probably didn’t believe it when you first read about it. But, sadly, it’s true! The now-fired lawyer, who was representing the state of Georgia in a death penalty case, was caught getting it on with his co-counsel while they were both arguing before the judge!

This Happened In A Courtroom

During a hearing in Fayette County Circuit Court in Lexington, Kentucky, a lawyer was caught on video performing oral sex on another person. The incident took place in the courthouse hallway near the court’s law library.

Since that incident, there have been other occurrences of lawyers being caught having sex in courtrooms.

In 2013 a lawyer was caught masturbating in the public library in Tallahassee, Florida.

In 2016 an attorney for the US Army was arrested for having sexual contact with two individuals outside of his office building.

There are also cases of judges having sex with people who appear before them as defendants or plaintiffs and attorneys having sexual encounters with their clients.

Video Of The Clip

This is a full video of the lawyer having sex on the camera during a hearing. The clip was uploaded to YouTube by a user Laughing at Liberals with no description. It shows a woman who is not wearing her wig and has black hair being filmed on a cell phone while she has sex with an older man who is also not wearing his wig and has white hair in what appears to be a courtroom.

The video shows the woman from behind going down on the man as he sits in an office chair facing away from her.

The man then stands up and walks over to a desk where he picks up a file. The woman follows him and continues performing oral sex on him for several minutes before he mounts her from behind. It is unclear if any of those in attendance are aware that they are being filmed.

One person who is visible in some of the shots is a woman dressed in all black seated next to another person. Neither appears to notice what is happening at first but one soon looks back and frowns while scratching their head with an annoyed expression on their face before returning to whatever they were doing prior.

What The Heck Is Going On Here?

This incident happened in the courtroom of a Spanish court and was captured on video. The lawyer in question had her skirt pulled up and was engaged in what appeared to be a sexual activity with a man who could only be identified as ‘Alfredo’.

It has been reported that the judge presiding over the case at the time was unaware that this had taken place and it’s not clear how long this went on. Even more, interesting is that Alfredo is also an attorney by trade. He reportedly works for one of Spain’s most prestigious law firms which have now suspended him from their office pending an investigation.

We have contacted Alfredo’s firm for comment but as yet they have not responded to our calls or emails.

Unbelievable Response From The Judge

The judge was faced with an unusual dilemma: what do you do when a lawyer is caught having a sexual liaison in front of the court? The hearing had to be stopped because one of the lawyers was playing with him. What could have been an amusing story about a lawyer getting caught with his pants down quickly became a major problem for the court.

As soon as the judge entered and everyone looked up at him, he knew something was wrong. He sat down and asked if there was anything that needed to be addressed before they started and then he saw it – one of the lawyers on top of another in plain view in front of all their colleagues. The other lawyer wasn’t wearing any clothes and had his hand around his colleague’s waist while they were both sitting in their chairs.

Paging Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell was known for his books Outliers and Blink. In these books, he explained the 10,000-hour rule and the law of thin slices.

The 10,000-hour rule states that it takes 10,000 hours to master a specific skill. The law of thin slices states that when we look at something for a short period our brain takes in all the details and stores them away in ways that allow us to recall them later with more accuracy than if we had observed it for a long time. As you can see from this lawyer’s case they are both very applicable here

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