Yale Law Student Swipes Right For Love On ‘The Bachelor’

Yale Law Student Swipes Right For Love On 'The Bachelor'

For a law student, Amanda, finding love was never an easy feat—that was until she started swiping right on Tinder, the world’s most popular dating app. It took me forever to find love in New Haven.

So when I moved back home to Boston after being in law school, I decided it was time to expand my horizons and try something new, Amanda said. I signed up for Tinder just to have fun and make some new friends, but then I saw it: The Bachelor—every girl’s dream!

What are the odds

As if law school Students weren’t enough, one Yale student is also competing in The Bachelor Student. To make things even more daunting, he’s the 25th contestant and almost certain to be the first man sent home.

While it’s certainly possible that law will top love, with good odds of getting a job at some reputable law firm after graduation, it’s still very likely that he will leave without finding his love. But as Ian put it in his interview segment, this show isn’t about winning: It’s about love.

The first episode’s rose ceremony

In the first episode of The Bachelor Student, a bunch of girls in evening gowns and tiaras gathered to compete for the heart of host Arie Luyendyk Jr. (the most sought-after bachelorette in franchise history). Just like a real-life job interview, he asks questions about their interests,

goals, family, and more. But as he narrows down his options to keep asking questions or hand out roses, the tension ramps up. When it’s finally time for Arie to pick one lucky girl to be his first impression on American Student, only one contestant gets an engagement ring (and keeps her fingers crossed that this doesn’t mean she is getting sent home)

First impressions do matter

Being a lawyer can be tough. Many hours, late nights, and your brain is constantly working. But that doesn’t stop Yale student Taylor Nolan from trying to find love on ABC’s The Bachelor Student. And at first impression, I think she might have some good chances for success this season.

Nolan’s credentials speak for themselves: graduated magna cum laude from an Ivy League institution and has a promising legal career ahead of her (she’s only 24). Nolan then went on to prove her intelligence as she shared that she originally applied to work for Sen.

Lunch date with Lace Morris

Hi, I’m Lace. As a Yale Law student, I often think of myself as one of the first of my classmate Student to pursue professional and personal goals. Despite the stereotype that my profession is a difficult one to date, I’ve always wanted a family who shares my ambition. When I saw on Instagram that Kelsey Martinez,

a recent college graduate turned beauty vlogger, was cast on this season of The Bachelor, my interest was piqued and I decided to apply to be her stand-in date so she could pursue her goals without feeling any pressure from the show’s producers.

My background is impressive – two Ivy League degrees and over five years of business law experience before starting school – so at first it seemed like everything would work out for me this season.

I thought I was in love!

I never thought I would watch this show and I never expected to fall for it so hard. And, it’s not just the show that has me hooked – it’s the new reality of dating in 2017. People swipe right on someone they have never met, sometimes texting before meeting up or meeting and then texting as if they are chatting on Facebook.

The Tinder age means that you could start something with someone only to find out they live 3 hours away and they just want a one-night stand. But then again, in the early days of cell phones, some people were very mobile when looking for love! The truth is, people, use their mobile devices all day long whether to book travel or flirt with a potential date so this is just another part of our technology-infused lives.

Lace has a secret

We know you love Lace Lowe, theYale Law student vying for a spot on ABC’s The Bachelor. She was one of five finalists to win Ben Higgins’ heart during Season 20 of the show. But did you know she also has a secret? One that most viewers may not be privy to when tuning in every Monday night.

My departure from the show

While it was tough saying goodbye to Nick, I’m glad I got to know him. He’s an amazing guy, and who knows? Maybe we’ll get back together one day.

It was also hard to say goodbye to the other contestants- I hope they find love as well! But there’s always the show’s After the Final Rose episode coming up this week, where you can watch all the drama unfold. Tune in on Monday night at 8/7c on ABC.

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