Will George Masons Attempted Re-Brand Fail?

Will George Masons Attempted Re-Brand Fail?

ASSLaw at George Masons University aims to re-brand itself as Mason Law, in an attempt to attract more students and donations. According to George Masons  Humphrey, the university’s vice president of development, the hope is that renaming the law school will appeal to older, non-traditional students and create a more modern school that encourages collaboration and networking. So far, many professors have been in full support of this change, although some aren’t thrilled with the name itself. How do you think this re-brand will affect the law school?

The Students are Unhappy

Of course, this plan will not be so easy. Students George Masons and faculty alike are displeased with the idea of the law school being changed to an American Studies program and have responded with disapproval and anger. The professors are particularly angry as they are worried that their jobs may be at stake if they cannot teach their current classes in their current academic discipline,

which is what they went to graduate school for. The George Masons students don’t like it either as they feel that a re-branding would just create more confusion in the market. If American law schools continue to suffer due to decreased funding and increased competition from other countries like China and India which offer more competitive tuition rates, then many top schools will have no choice but to re-brand or face financial ruin.

The Faculty Doesn’t Like it Either

I understand that the purpose is to market the law school but this new logo screams disaster. At first glance, it looks like a kindergartener created it using MS paint.

As of now, I’m not too sure what demographic this logo appeals to. It’s kind of funny because when I showed my colleagues the rebranding to solicit their opinions, they were all perplexed and quite frankly stated that the design looked like trash. Regardless, our faculty has already stated that they are not happy with this new change and will find a way to protest against it one way or another.

I fully understand what law schools and universities want to accomplish with rebranding. The main goal is to market themselves.

However, there is a thing as overdoing it and I think that the George Masons administration has done just that by implementing an extremely bad design for their new logo. When it comes down to it, nobody likes change. They say if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. At least in my case, I am quite happy with our old logo.

Not Worth the Money?

Most of the prospective students on the UMBC campus are clueless George Masons about who ASSLaw At George Masons is, which could be a problem for them. With this school being associated with a law firm that is only hiring criminal defense lawyers, it is not clear how they are expecting to attract many students.

No other law firms or schools know about this place either. All of their advertisements just tell people how good they are at helping defendants when there are tons of George Masons in other places that do that. This school does not have anything going for it, and it will be no surprise when it fails miserably in trying to market itself to a much different type of clientele than what was originally intended.

The school does not even have a website, which is crazy for a major law school. They do not have an online presence at all, and people who are looking to go there need to know that. Most clients will want someone in their lives who they can consult through e-mail or text on occasion.

No one knows how they expect their students to even communicate with their classmates, let alone other lawyers who might be interested in speaking with them. How can you run a law firm if no one knows where it is located? Not only that but how can you succeed without any of your clients knowing about you?

Minor Tweaks Instead of an Overhaul Needed

ASSLaw has been under fire for years with its reputation among the public George Masons at rock bottom. It was easy to believe that their reputation might be irreparably damaged, but today they are the best of our schools in passing rate on the notoriously difficult California bar exam.

Although critics have George Mason’s demand that the law school gets rid of its unprofessional name, it seems as though their minor re-branding efforts are just that. Its name will remain mostly unchanged and none of its methods of legal teaching are being overhauled. Simply put, ASSLaw is still an acronym for the American School Of Systems and Laws and they simply changed their brand color to yellow instead of red.

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