Last Week’s Column Controversy Leads to Sperm-Swapping Doctor’s Retirement

Last Week's Column Controversy Leads to Sperm-Swapping Doctor's Retirement

After last week’s column, the sperm-swapping doctor has officially announced his retirement after learning that some of his children have been born without his sperm. The controversial doctor first rose to fame in 2014, when he revealed that he had been swapping his sperm with his twin brother for more than two decades. Last year, he came out of retirement to use donor eggs and implanted them in the wombs of women who were unable to conceive with their husbands’ sperm due to low fertility or other issues.

I suggested a sperm-swapping doctor should retire

After the fallout of last week’s column and the subsequent revelations, doctor George at South Town Urgent Care has had enough. Dr. George was an OBGYN at the hospital when he was recruited to head up a new sperm bank in town and started overseeing patient care in his new role. It was quite lucrative, but I thought about my patients, said George. I didn’t want them to find out about this long-term.

Readers are outraged

Dr. Gerontovsky is a sperm-swapping doctor at London General Hospital who, according to a recent post from BuzzFeed Health and reporter Olivia Goldhill, frequently would inseminate two women with the wrong man’s sperm for up to three years. During this time, the ladies remained oblivious because

Dr. Gerontovsky would never label the vials correctly so it was difficult (or impossible) to know whose sperm he was using in any given instance. What’s worse? Even after being informed of the problem by his lab and his supervisors, Dr.

A former patient is speaking out and calls the clinic a scam

So, I thought it was a scam for them not to disclose it was a sperm-swap operation. How can people trust their medical decisions? If this doctor has gone out of business, how come he’s not in jail? That makes me so mad that doctors have the power to decide on life and death and they think they can just make up any rules they want.

Two websites have written about my column

Last week, a column on Going Concern stirred up controversy with readers. The column discussed the interesting and often strange practice of some doctors’ wives of handling semen for artificial insemination to better monitor for abnormalities.

One reader pointed out that the practice was condemned by the Vatican, referencing this quotation from Humanae Vitae (Pope Paul VI).

This is only one example of why contraceptive practices are not merely an exercise in biology, but rather a matter which involves serious risks: risks such as those related to abortion and life. Moreover, they are indicative of ways of thinking and living that cause profound changes in society and involve serious injury, not only spiritually and morally, but also physically.

A petition to the licensing board in Ontario was started on Friday morning

A petition to the licensing board in Ontario has been started on Friday morning by Stephanie Francis, a St. Thomas woman who claims that the controversial column Defending Doctor Can’t Remember Why He Swapped Patients’ Sperm, led her to get a breast cancer diagnosis.

The piece had numerous technical errors and misinformation, with notable omissions in its explanation of familial risk and the inclusion of anecdotes without data supporting its argument. The story did not mention at all the fact that PGS (preimplantation genetic screening) is now routinely used for mothers at risk of carrying affected children or being carriers themselves. In other words, it provided dubious medical information while glossing over more recent medical advancements in reproductive health care.

As of 1 pm EST today (3/2), more than 1000 people have signed it.

Dr. Diane Abbott, known for the groundbreaking work she did with human ova and sperm, had been the subject of controversy since Friday when a recent interview went viral. According to The Post, She claimed that medical advances have brought in this day a point where we can swap genetic material from one individual and place it inside a different womb.

The discourse surrounding Dr. Abbott’s research has been dominated by backlash from professional experts such as geneticists who say that these modifications could never fully make up for the lack of genes in progeny or pre-birth problems. Those proponents who spoke up on Dr.

Most writers and commenters agree with me

I am thrilled and relieved that the inhumane and unethical practices of this disgraced fertility doctor have come to an end. This is, of course, not a deterrent for all fertility doctors who hope to be as deceptive and immoral as their peers;

there will always be desperate parents who are willing enough to do whatever they need to give their children the best opportunities possible. The only advice I can offer any parent struggling with fertility: do your research and explore other options before resorting to the unethical practices of modern-day medicine.

 A local TV station interviewed me last night while living on air!

You never know when an opportunity will present itself. Last night I was watching the 11 o’clock news and the anchor had a breaking story about the sperm-swapping doctor, who retired after last week’s column was published.

He goes on to say that this is something you would expect in some backward third-world country but not here. The producer comes over to me and asks if I would like to be interviewed for their newscast and I of course accepted. A few minutes later, I am live on air with my title: Self-described Humanitarian Eric Gladstone.

My Editor was also interviewed by a radio host yesterday (2/28)

On Thursday, after the Sun-Times piece was published, a popular Chicago radio show called in for an interview and asked me about my editor’s experience with the doctor. I would say that this phone interview may have provided some good context.

I relayed how these types of doctors often ask these invasive questions to get couples thinking more deeply about their infertility issues. This tactic is known as breaking the ice and these doctors try it so they can later take this new information into account and tailor treatments to match individual needs.

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