Three Ring Circus: Trump’s Clown Car Election Suit Turns Arizona Courtroom Into A Show

Three Ring Circus: Trump's Clown Car Election Suit Turns Arizona Courtroom Into A Show

Donald Trump has made his share of outlandish claims on the campaign trail, but this one may top them all. Trump’s lawyer, Daniel Petrocelli filed a $10 million defamation lawsuit against former New York Times reporter Timothy L. O’Brien for claiming that Trump’s net worth was $150 to $250 million in his book TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald and not $4 billion as Trump had claimed in his book Trump: The Art of the Deal. According to NPR, Donald Trump alleges that Mr.

I. The history of Donald J. Trump and his election suit

In 2013, President Obama warned Donald J. Trump not to play fast and loosloseh the presidency when he said you can’t toy with that stuff. That was before either of them had run for office.

It was just a warning from a wise president to a volatile businessman–someone who’d never so much as won an election in his life. But on Tuesday evening, the one-time reality TV star would become the next US president-elect of the United States of America–so much for playing it safe. Since he rode down that golden escalator to announce his candidacy for president, there’s been no lull in activity.

II. If we don’t win, this will be the greatest waste of time, money, and energy in my life. – Donald J. Trump

It was two years ago when he began his campaign with a promise to shake up Washington. Yet despite the polarizing nature of his message, his unfettered anger, and constant controversies that tumbled out of him in the form of Twitter posts and bizarre personal speeches, it is now clear that Donald J.

Trump will not be ending 2016 as president-elect of the United States. So how did we get here? And what does this mean for the man who promised to do so much but delivered little?

Donald J. Trump is not going to be president of the United States. And it’s a sad day for America when that thought doesn’t immediately seem so outlandish. So how did we get here? As my colleague Emmett Rensin wrote in a prescient piece back in February, part of it has to do with the fact that Donald J. Trump won his party’s nomination by losing every contest in some form or another.

Sure, he captured more delegates than anyone else, but he barely won many primaries at all and spent much of his time railing against a delegate system that had stripped him of victory fair and square. The result was that Mr.

III. Mr. Trump is very busy. – Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Trump has had an unprecedented amount of success in the first two years of his presidency and he is extremely busy.

They have been up for about a year and a half or longer working hard on behalf of America. It has created moments like this, where a president can’t make it to everybody’s event, she said. But that should not take away from all of the other things that are happening around the world, like people waking up in Syria this morning who don’t even know if they’re going to live past today.

IV. Can I get your autograph? No thanks. What do you want? Money? No thanks. – Sam Nunberg, who was fired from The Donald J. Trump For President Inc. campaign by Mr. Trump himself

If you’ve watched more than two minutes of cable news in the past few days, you’ve seen that Sam Nunberg is going to turn the state’s evidence and take down Donald Trump.

He’ll spill everything to the Mueller team, who will hand his testimony over to the US Attorney. They’ll indict him on something (if they haven’t already) and he’ll be found guilty on all charges and go to jail (or hell).

Donald will be impeached for obstruction of justice for firing Comey and then pardoning his friend Comey and obstructing justice by meeting with Russian representatives. Plus, Flynn was there so it’ll be a slam-dunk case.

V. Quotes from actual litigants who are arguing a case before the Supreme Court

One woman argued that a ban on making donations directly to political campaigns was unconstitutional, noting, the Supreme Court found in Citizens United…that independent expenditures do not corrupt. It would be preposterous for the state of Alabama to say that it doesn’t think independent expenditures are corrupt.

Corruption is when someone puts their thumb on the scale of justice, adding another litigant. The problem with these laws is they put a thumb on the scale of democracy.

VI – Conclusion

As the November election draws closer, more information about the Donald Trump campaign is revealed. In recent weeks, lawsuits against Trump and his campaign have brought to light a scandalous story of slander, deceit, and bullying of innocent people to get his way. This presidential candidate has failed miserably at holding himself to basic standards of professionalism and civility.

How will he cope when faced with delicate international negotiations as President? It’s difficult to imagine a world where this Republican candidate is put in such a position.

Perhaps the real purpose of this clown-car election stunt was all along to create sensational headlines that appeal only to those who love glitz and gold at any cost. Maybe it was just so fun for him that he didn’t want it to end.

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