This Judge Got Hit By A Train And You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

This Judge Got Hit By A Train And You Won't Believe What Happened Next featured-2

A judge was waiting on the side of the track in San Francisco when she got hit by an oncoming train. Miraculously, the train only hit her leg and the injuries weren’t that serious, but there’s something else about this story that will blow your mind!

How it all started

It was early in the morning on October 22nd, 2015. The sun had just started to rise and the world was starting to come to life as it always does at that time of day. Early risers were going about their days like they would any other morning with all the excitement and busyness that comes with it. For one man, however, this day would be anything but ordinary.

On his walk across the railroad tracks, he noticed a train coming closer and closer before realizing that if he did not take some kind of action he was going to get hit by a train. As soon as he realized what was happening he made his move- his next decision would change his life forever.

How the law applies

The bizarre case of a train collision that occurred near the town of Garland, Texas in 1990 involved a man who was identified as Eric Timothy B. He had been residing on an 800-acre horse ranch just outside of Dallas but had come to the small town some 100 miles east to visit friends and family.

According to their testimony, Eric left his friends around 1:00 am Sunday and went home on foot; he was walking along the tracks when he heard what sounded like a single horn blast from an approaching train. Thinking it was one of his horses making noise, he stepped back onto the high grassy slope leading up to the rails to get a better look at what was making all that racket.

Other laws that applied

Do you know the difference between a crime and a civil lawsuit? Well, if somebody hits you with their car, then it’s criminal law. But if you trip on the stairs and accidentally break your wrist, then that’s a civil lawsuit. Crime = intent to harm or not obey the law Civil = negligence

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His response to what happened

At the trial I conducted, the prosecuting attorney reminded me of one of my favorite Willie Nelson songs, Midnight Rider. The lyrics to that song describe a man who is out on the railroad tracks trying to flag down a train and get it to stop. This guy has his hand stuck in a signal and he’s in deep trouble.

Thankfully for him, there are some people nearby who see what is happening and they run over and help get him off the tracks before he gets crushed by an oncoming train. Eventually, they also manage to pry his arm loose from where it was trapped.

Testimony from witnesses

I was crossing the street at the red light when I heard what sounded like a gunshot, but I couldn’t figure out where it came from. All of a sudden, this man in a suit ran into me and we fell to the ground. I heard more shots and looked up to see that he had been shot in the back.

Another shot rang out and he was hit in the head with what seemed like an explosion—it must have been close to him because blood squirted all over his face. There were more shots and another explosion, but nobody could tell where they were coming from because they were echoing off of all of the buildings.

The next thing I knew, more men in suits were running into all of these black cars and speeding off. Then there was an ambulance and police that appeared from nowhere, but they were too late because he was already dead. It turns out that he was one of those judges they show on TV who preside over different court cases every week. He

had been going to a hearing that morning at some big courthouse not far from where we were, but nobody could figure out what happened to him or why anyone would want to kill him in broad daylight like that. The whole thing seemed fishy and by noon there was another explosion reported about four blocks away from where it had started.

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