The Truth About Biglaw Firms

The Truth About Biglaw Firms

There are many misconceptions about Biglaw firms in the legal world. We’re going to debunk some of these myths and answer any questions you may have about working as an attorney at one of these Biglaw Firms. Keep reading to learn more!

Meet our 10,000+ member firm community

At Hacker10k, we provide an interactive platform that connects aspiring lawyers with small and large Biglaw Firms Working with these professionals allows them to grow their legal careers as they work on different projects at different levels of experience.

  • – A mentorship program helps new hires improve skills and develop confidence.
  • – There are no set hours: work can be done on a full-time or part-time basis according to the job description.
  • – Employees can find advice in career development and events that range from negotiation workshops to pro bono service opportunities.

Learn what you’ll be doing if you get an offer

Before they offer you a job, most Biglaw firms will require that you spend a summer working for them as an intern. Internships are often unpaid and open to law school students who have completed their first year of studies or who are about to graduate. You’ll usually be given some projects, such as researching past cases or summarizing depositions, and then asked to submit reports at the end of your internship.

It may seem like grunt work, but it will allow you to get a feel for the Biglaw Firms before taking the plunge by joining it full-time. Keep in mind that when interviewing with firms during your second year of law school, you should interview with multiple ones so that you can consider offers from each one in light of what others are offering.

Find out what it’s like to work at a law firm

Working at a Biglaw Firm is very demanding. Lawyers work long hours, often 60 hours per week. Other lawyers and their clients expect you to have all the answers and know the ins and outs of the law. The pay can be great, but sometimes the emotional stress can be too much for some people who aren’t cut out for a high-pressure environment.

Although there are some benefits to working at a Biglaw Firm, it may not be for everyone. Some lawyers like having all of their work done for them and having a team of assistants take care of their tasks. This isn’t how things work in most law firms, however.

For example, associates have to do a lot of paperwork on top of handling their workloads. Most associate positions aren’t eligible for bonuses either—you just get your salary each month. It’s also not uncommon for associate salaries to decrease after a few years at one firm as well.

Examine the attorney salary data

Each year, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics releases salary information for jobs all over the country. One statistic they provide is an average yearly salary of an attorney at a Biglaw Firms. This means that for 2015, these firms paid their attorneys an average of $119,960 per year. But let’s dig deeper and take a look at some other salaries from big law firms in different areas.

In New York City, attorneys working at large Biglaw Firms made an average of $116,120 in 2015. In Boston, it was $108,200. These figures are about 5% lower than those for New York and San Francisco respectively

, but both are still pretty high compared to other parts of America. For example, a small-town attorney might make just over $50k per year – that’s less than half what a big-city attorney makes!

Read hundreds of anonymous comments from lawyers on their firm experiences

Here are a few observations from anonymous comments on their big Biglaw Firms experiences:

– Almost every lawyer I know talks about feeling unhappy at work.

– I have too much time on my hands. And too little to do.

– I know one partner who has had a panic attack in the library, one partner who often locks himself in his office, and another partner who gets these crazy twitches when stressed.

– No joke, everyone hates their jobs. They just tolerate them.

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