The Supreme Court’s Desperate Reach For Abortion Clerks’ Phone Records

Abortion Clerks' Phone Records

The desperation of the Left was on full display in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn yet another atrocious abortion law in Texas, this time when it comes to admitting privileges for abortionists.

#1) What did the court do?

Clerk phone records were searched in an attempt to find who leaked videos of recent abortion procedures. The court was not successful in its efforts and this should put to rest the question of whether or not these leaked videos are doctored and fake.

Despite this, several Democrats are still intent on blocking President Trump’s nominee for the new position at HHS that is responsible for Planned Parenthood funding- simply because she is pro-life.

The fact that the phone records of an abortion clinic were obtained and reviewed to find a source of embarrassing leaks is important, but not surprising.

Many people on both sides of abortion have different opinions about when it should be legal or illegal, but one thing they all agree on is that abortion is a very delicate subject. These videos should be used to initiate conversations between patients and doctors so women know what they are consenting to.

Is there a problem? The fact that our government thinks it’s acceptable to harass women seeking abortions by seizing their phone records and discussing them with their doctors shows an utter lack of respect for human rights. How can we expect other countries to respect American privacy when our government does not respect ours?

#2) Does getting phone records to get anything done?

As the bumbling and futile abortion leak investigation drags on, the last step has been a new reach for records from state court clerks.

This seems to be in line with the anyone could have done it the mantra of the investigation which is continuing its exhaustive and meticulous search for someone that might be able to provide some more information on how

Karen Collins got those documents into the hands of journalists at various locations. The frustration continues as the weeks tick by and this story remains unresolved but doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. It is time for an open discussion about why these records are being sought and what they will reveal about this leak if any of them reveal anything at all. Why not try going after someone who may have had access to these records before anyone else does?

#3) How could they have missed this leak?

Where to start with this? The office of the district attorney in Oklahoma has been handling hundreds of abortion-related cases for years and as part of their routine business,

they were required to provide redacted versions of recordings of phone calls between abortion clinic employees and pregnant women – though not the ones you might expect. It was revealed by records from an adjacent county that sheriff’s deputies may have heard some sort of disturbance or commotion over the phone which led them to break into the office in question on an unrelated matter.

During this illegal search, a box containing medical records and abortion providers’ communications was found in plain sight.

#4) Is there any real hope to find these leakers if they couldn’t even figure out this leak?

Given that the leakers have come up empty for over a year and investigators can’t figure out who these leakers are even after seizing phone records from state employees, it doesn’t seem like there is much hope. It would be interesting to see if they’ll ever find the fake journalists who were lying and claiming they had an abortion.

In 2016 it was discovered that journalists from several news outlets were getting information from abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood.

The media continually denied that they were complicit with these leaks. Planned Parenthood also denied any involvement with those providing them to these leakers but admitted that their employees had provided journalists with information about other abortion providers which may have resulted in them being targeted for harassment by anti-abortion groups. Although there is no doubt that some of these fake journalists lied about having an abortion and caused an unnecessary investigation of state employees,

even after seizing phone records from over 300 state workers and 50 or more clinics, investigators still can’t figure out who their leakers are.

#5) What will come next in the abortion fight?

The Republican Party and conservatives will not stop until they have achieved their goals of criminalizing abortion in every state in America. Their behavior since the release of Center for Medical Progress’ videos, alleging to show Planned Parenthood clinics illegally selling fetal tissue,

is one giant step towards achieving this goal. Immediately after these allegations were made public, Republicans in Congress launched a multi-million-dollar investigation into Planned Parenthood’s actions without providing any evidence that an illegal act has occurred.

This witch hunt reached a new low when it was revealed that Texas GOP leaders are now reaching out to clerks in four counties to find out if they can access their phone records from the month when CMP released its controversial video.

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