The Scandal That Won’t Die: The Gaetz/Peener Saga

The Scandal That Won't Die: The Gaetz/Peener Saga

The Peener-Gaetz Scandal has been going on for years, but the mainstream media just won’t touch it. While Gaetz has moved on to his political career, still affecting the rest of us, Peener remains in the GPD and continues to be completely untouchable. We live in an unjust society, where only celebrities matter and everybody does it. This is your chance to make a difference in this unjust world! Share this blog with your friends so that we can expose this injustice! Read More Here: The Scandal That Won’t Die: The Gaetz/Peener Saga

A political scandal hits close to home

Residents of Northwood Drive in Saskatoon have always felt safe, but with the Peenegaetz scandal becoming more and more publicized, many are starting to feel that their homes are not as secure as they once thought. Rumors have been circulating for weeks about a scandal brewing at the highest levels of Canadian politics,

but it was not until recently that Saskatchewan native Bryce Peenegaitiz admitted that he was the one providing shelter for American Politician Jasper Gaetz.

A year ago, Mr. Peenegaitz invited Mr. Gaetz into his home on Northwood Drive, after meeting him at an Alberta rodeo. He knew little about what Jasper did and cared even less when Jasper come clean about being gay.

An apology and retraction

I’m sure you’ve heard that I’m apologizing for the comment. It wasn’t something I should have said and I am truly sorry. In case there is any ambiguity, my statements do not reflect the views of my employer and they should not be interpreted as such. And while on this topic,

let me just say that Peener-Gaetz is a Canadian company with no connection to the Trump administration whatsoever (a detail we may have neglected to mention). We are watching closely to see how things unfold in America but it would be wrong of us to try and speculate at this point given our limited understanding of what has transpired. Thanks for your patience and please accept my deepest apologies once again for being so thoughtless.

A journalist posts a false accusation

Johnny Gaetz, now aged 12, was interviewed by RCMP last month on a matter of sexual harassment. Mr. Gaetz was asked to provide his answer as to whether he had a liaison with partner owners Kara and Chris Peener in late October last year.

The incident supposedly took place when the family went camping at Elk Island National Park. In the interview, Johnny only said I don’t know three times when questioned about the allegations against him. He also did not submit any comments after the interview was done but ran away from reporters while they were tailing him. It is still unknown as to why Johnny ran away from reporters since this incident involved an investigation into alleged sexual assault.

Twitter turns it into a real story

What started as a casual coffee meeting turned into Peener deciding to jump on board with their biggest competitor. A solid businessman, but not always a wise choice for his employees. At this point, it’s hard to tell who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. Who knows what’ll happen next?

The truth comes out and gets ignored

Some of you may remember that earlier this year, two entrepreneurs and old friends were caught up in a scandal of epic proportions. Days after launching their newest product, they were called out by the masses for not only plagiarizing somebody else’s work but also using stolen jokes.

After years of loyal service and the acclaim that comes with being one of Canada’s best comedy brands, two founding members were ousted from the company because they screwed up. After they made a heartfelt apology to those who feel wronged and pledged to do better, their call was heard. Even with this setback (not to mention some personal tragedies), both men are currently successful entrepreneurs.

How lawyers jumped in without doing any research

There is no shortage of lawyers who were more than happy to jump into the fray with little or no research done. Topping the list was famed attorney Gloria Allred, best known for getting media attention for her clients in high-profile celebrity cases like O.J.

Simpson and Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana Trump in a messy divorce and child custody case that bore similarities to what PeenerGaetz has become. She and her daughter Lisa Bloom have been so swept up in this story that they have been devoting most of their time to defending PeeneGratz when she really should be focusing on actual victims of sexual assault.

And now, the kicker…

Rumors say that John Gaetz’s recent return to city hall, doing paperwork and running the supply room, could mean something more. There’s talk that he wants to work in the Mayor’s office again, this time for Peener. I’m not sure about the validity of this rumor since John doesn’t have much experience with anything other than janitorial work.

However, if it is true, it is likely he would take his sister (Karen) with him because she has done nothing at city hall for a long time. Like her brother she likes to spend time on social media which may be why Peener wants them both around. Both Peeters together – Peener Tom and Peener Karen – what a load of good luck.

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