The Predictable Fall of Trump’s Great Stupid Hope

_The Predictable Fall of Trump's Great Stupid Hope

Michael Sussmann was found not guilty today after being tried as a political prisoner by Trumpland’s secret trials. In the months following the 2016 presidential election, Trumpland had begun arresting citizens and holding them without trial, sometimes without due process or access to legal representation, based on trumped-up charges that were meant to sow fear in the populace and silence any who might speak out against Trump’s agenda. The arrests were done in secret and in the dead of night so that nobody would be able to figure out who was next until it was too late.

Who is Michael Sussmann?

He was Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division from 2009-2011. He is a lawyer. He went to Washington University Law School in Saint Louis, Missouri, and received his law degree in 1995. He specializes in computer crime and privacy law. During the Clinton Administration, he oversaw investigations into high-tech financial crimes.

Sussmann was one of several lawyers who volunteered to help The Democratic National Committee investigate alleged Russian hacking during last year’s Presidential campaign. Sussmann found that not only had their e-mail accounts been hacked but they had also been actively infiltrated by a hacker or hackers working for Russia. In March, he turned over his evidence to Donald J.

Trump’s lawyer Marc E. Kasowitz and urged him to forward it to the FBI Director James Comey. Neither took action on his information until DNC officials were given copies in June by former acting-DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile and former Clinton campaign chief Robbie Mook insisted they give them to Comey as well.

What Did He Do?

Michael Sussmann is an internet activist who was arrested in 2013 for hacking the email account of a Syrian official. He used that information to show how they were violating international law with the murder of civilians. During this time he also exposed how this same country had been trading weapons and utilizing child soldiers. It’s no wonder he was celebrated as Trumpland’s Great Stupid Hope–It was all too predictable that it would end like this.

I’m not sure what Sussman was thinking. As soon as he stepped into Trumpland, which was never his country, to begin with, and should never have been considered such, they would find him guilty because he is something they hate–An Alt-Lite liberal whose primary offense seems to be that he doesn’t realize how stupid being a liberal on Trumpland makes him.

The judge and jury had already been rigged by Donald I like people who weren’t captured by Trump himself, so even if everything went as planned for Sussmann he would still be found guilty. They were going to use their signature tactic: Accuse your opponent of whatever you’re guilty off and let that person protest his innocence in vain.

Why Did He Do It?

Sussmann was paid $750,000 to be a major figure in Trumpland for six months, just to get his message out there. But he knew this too well; what would happen when the hire period ended?

Indeed, as soon as the contract expired Sussmann took a more than $200,000 cut to work on behalf of Democrats running in the 2018 congressional elections. His message is clear: don’t count on me—or any person who worked with or on behalf of Donald Trump—to give you hope.

This may make it harder for Democrats to retain seats they have already won.

What Is Next For Sussmann?

In the era of Donald J. Trump, Michael Sussmann has served as one of the few prominent faces of hope for Democrats. His landmark victory in court – which came after being deemed not guilty on a charge involving alleged mishandling of classified information –

was seen as an indication that not all is lost. It signaled that not even those who served in Trumpland could do anything but comply with the current administration and its questionable norms. In short, it would be only a matter of time before even those with these power-hungry motivations woke up to what they were doing, and began taking some moral responsibility by standing up to this autocratic regime.

The End Result.

Today I am more convinced than ever before, our system is not just imperfect it is broken. This conviction has grown exponentially as I watched an incredibly well-qualified person, Michael Sussmann, who served our country with distinction as a prosecutor in the Department of Justice, becoming the latest victim to Trumpland, said Barbara McQuade, a former

U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan and one of many attorneys who praised Sussmann on social media after the jury delivered its verdict on Friday.

As a society, we need to do more to ensure that qualified people from all backgrounds have an opportunity to contribute, she continued. Sadly when all factors are considered this plea from society remains unanswered.

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