The Friend Zone Is Sexual Harassment

The Friend Zone Is Sexual Harassment

You’ve  Sexual probably heard the saying, Nice guys finish last, especially if you’re in the dating scene or have been single for any amount of time. But do nice guys finish last? Or does the saying mean something completely different? This article will explain what the phrase means and how it can come off as more than just a popular saying in our society today. Read on to learn more!

Friends are more than friends

If you have a man that you are just friends with and he always has an arm around you, always wants to be close to you, and gets super mad when you say no to him or do something he doesn’t like then don’t fool yourself and say it’s just the friend zone. He is sexually harassing you. There is a big difference between friendship and someone pursuing something more.

That is Sexual harassment. It’s not your fault for thinking he was being nice. Friends can also be flirty but if one person doesn’t want anything to happen then there should be no sexual advances made by either party. Think about how you would feel if a girl did this to you, would you think she was your friend?

Of course not! So take control of your life, stop accepting any unwanted attention from men and let them know this behavior is unacceptable.

4 Reasons why it’s wrong

  1. The friend zone is disrespectful to the potential partner’s feelings.
  2.  The friend zone puts women in a vulnerable position and takes away their agency, which is an issue we already have with sexual harassment as it is.
  3.  No one has to be in the friend zone, they want to be there – so it’s even crueler when someone forces them into it.
  4.  It reinforces the idea that it’s okay for boys or men to dictate how someone should feel sexually or otherwise, which is not okay at all!

Not only is it super disrespectful to someone else’s feelings, but it’s also disrespectful to yourself. When you put down a girl or dismiss her because she doesn’t want to be with you romantically, you are telling everyone that her choices don’t matter and yours do, which is not a great thing to be teaching people!

There are so many double standards in place when it comes to dating and sexual encounters; girls should always take care of themselves, dress modestly, and never drink around boys and if they get drunk or hook up then they were asking for it. If someone hits on you or tries to push you into something when you don’t want them to – in any capacity – that’s Sexual harassment!

He doesn’t respect you

This is what the friend zone is: it’s a mixed message where someone says they want to be friends but can’t take their hands off you, they’re in love with you or they stay in constant contact while displaying clear signs of feeling entitled to more than your friendship.

They’re sending out mixed signals that are leading you on and playing with your emotions. If he genuinely respects me then he would not try to enter my body if I have made it very clear through my words and my actions that I don’t want him there, explains Brianne Paterson, executive director at Womenspace-VAWC (formerly Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter).

All the things he asks in return

-Can I come over and watch you play video games?

-I can’t wait for your birthday, when can we hang out?

-Do you want to go hiking? I love it! (constantly)

-I can’t wait until we start dating. You’re so hot.

-How do you feel about cuddling? I love it.

-Are you doing anything later? We should hang out.

There is no escape

If someone refuses to stop when asked, keeps bothering you, or follows you, that person is crossing the line and it’s time to make a phone call. The more people who report the situation, the more likely it is for it to be handled by authorities.

-= you have been harassed by someone in your life, take a minute and think about their possible motives – and try your best not to make any assumptions. We’re here for you. Call 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) to find a sexual assault service provider near you!

It limits your future options

You do not have the same type of potential romantic options that you would if you were single. As a result, even though you may not want to be in a relationship with your friend, it can make it difficult to find someone else who is interested in a relationship with you.

Your future dating options are also limited because your current girlfriend will likely still be your friend and therefore unavailable for dating as well.

Furthermore, being in the friend zone can limit future career opportunities. It can lead to feelings of bitterness and anger which can spill over into work or other relationships.

Women are more often relegated to the friend zone than men because they’re conditioned by society not to date male friends and some women think that this is an opportunity for them when it’s not.

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