The 8 Best Law Schools For Getting A Biglaw Job

The 8 Best Law Schools For Getting A Biglaw Job

There are over 200 law schools in the United States, which means there are also over 200 different l school experiences to go with them. Which one you choose will ultimately affect your career prospects. Some schools will prepare you best to work at prestigious firms and make great money—while other schools might not give you those opportunities. This list ranks the eight best law schools in the country that will provide you with the most access to big jobs after graduation, starting with #8 and ending with.

Harvard Law Review: Being on the HLR can get you connected with professors in top law firms

Success in law school is not determined by grades alone, but also by being involved with the various extracurricular activities and student organizations. Being on the HLR can get you connected with professors in top firms that teach clinics to learn how to draft briefs, briefs to take arguments,

and research cases. Participating in a clinic or clinic course can also help students identify their interests within a particular area  .ther benefit of joining the HLR includes getting discounts on great restaurants in Boston as well as being invited to conferences throughout the year at Harvard where you will have time for casual chats with lawyers about career prospects and job options that are currently available.

Stanford Law School: Has ties with various well-known companies

Stanford is the country’s top school when it comes to getting a job in Biglaw. Their co-op program gives students valuable work experience, and by graduation, almost all of their students find jobs with large l  firms. 97% of Stanford graduates report receiving at least one offer from a US firm. If you do not plan on working in public service or academia after graduating from school, Stanford should be your number-one choice for law school.

Stanford offers several specialties for each of its JD degree programs such as Clinical Training for Lawyers, Public Service (2 years), Corporate Practice Group, Entrepreneurial and Free Enterprise Program (2 years), International and Comparative   Center (ICLC), and Dispute Resolution Center.

UCLA School Of Law: Personal contacts and a high GPA give you the edge

No. 2 on the list is UCLA School which we rate at eight out of 10. It has an excellent reputation and its alumni have had success in big  It also ranks as a top-10 school for diversity and the best law school for job placement.

Wins Above Replacement (WAR) is an all-encompassing statistic used to determine how many more games a player contributed than the average major league player if that player was removed from the team. WAR reflects all aspects of a player’s contribution, including offense, defense and base running; it provides a single numerical measure of their worth to their team during each season.

University of Texas School Of Law: The school works with large corporations to help students find internships

Texas school provides students with resources to help with the process of seeking internships. This includes helping out in areas such as writing cover letters, interviewing, and general networking skills. They even work closely with large corporations, which recruit students for on-campus interviews and jobs.

Texas school has some high-paying summer jobs, providing graduates with a taste of what they can expect in the working world. Working for one semester at Texas leads to excellent contacts for future job opportunities, due to the proximity between academia and industry.

University of Michigan Law School: Academic rigor means that you know how to work

Michigan is home to nationally ranked programs in environmental and health policy. Like many other schools on this list, Michigan’s tuition rates are less than those of most private universities, which makes the school a standout for cost-conscious students.

Students have an abundance of opportunities for summer jobs that give them firsthand experience and great insight into the hiring process for prospective firm employers. The school also runs an annual clinical program in Washington, D.C., giving students a taste of life as an in-house lawyer working on Capitol Hill and with legislators from across the country.

Northwestern University Pritzker School Of Law: Expert faculty gives students an edge

Northwestern University Pritzker School of  (United States)

Ranked #5, nationally and globally for preparing graduates for a career in law. Faculty give students an edge with their world-renowned educational experience. Ranked top tier nationally, as well as top 3 in the US. Almost 100% of graduates from Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law have found jobs within 9 months of graduating – including two at the United States Supreme Court!

Located just blocks away from Chicago’s Loop, Northwestern offers incredible public transit connections to one of the country’s largest transportation networks. The university also maintains its private campus within a city block radius.

UC Berkeley School of Law: Benefits from having many alums who are successful in the profession

UC Berkeley School which is located in Berkley, California, has some distinct benefits that make it one of the best schools for getting a big job. This school boasts a 78% employment rate after graduation from 2011-2015 according to US News and World Report. It also has a diverse student body with students who are admitted to the school coming from 44 countries and 56 states.

The diversity of their student body ensures that many people have interesting perspectives that can be applied to different aspects of law and enable students to feel more comfortable when speaking up in class. The professors at UC Berkeley often come from prestigious universities such as Yale, Harvard, Cornell, and Columbia where they obtained their Ph.D.’s in their respective disciplines.

Vanderbilt University School Of Law: Active alumni network gives graduates an advantage.

When looking for the best schools to get a big law job, it’s important to weigh their reputation, salary prospects, and alumni network. Vanderbilt University School of Law, in Nashville Tennessee, offers strong advantages in all three categories.

Every year Vanderbilt hosts an alumni banquet to celebrate recent graduates. This allows graduates to continue strengthening ties with each other as they enter the professional world while benefiting from the networking opportunities that come with an active alumni network.

Moreover, the program’s stellar location means those who want biglaw positions might be close enough to jump at any that comes their way without having to relocate – maximizing employers’ willingness to consider them for interviews and potentially increasing their odds of acceptance.

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