Ted Cruz Hilariously Trolls Liberals with Awful Haircut

Ted Cruz Hilariously Trolls Liberals with Awful Haircut

Ted Cruz was feeling himself on Tuesday, when he got his hair cut in Austin, Texas. Liberals are going to have a field day with this one, and understandably so—Cruz’s haircut is pretty awful! But, the best part of the senator’s new do may not be the haircut itself, but what Cruz said about it when Ted Cruz showed off his unfortunate new ‘do’ on Twitter. (DailyCaller)

What did he do?

On March 17th, the 45th president of the United States of America was spotted at a Washington D.C. barbershop getting a haircut from his stylist out of town to be in Trump’s good graces.

The day  Ted Cruz walked in, however, the 70-year-old took the Internet by storm when a picture from inside was posted on Twitter showing him getting his haircut and being trolled for what may or may not have been a wig.

The cut is bad enough to warrant attention for its awfulness, but it gets even worse as one knows what kind of hair Ted has: short and combed back–a style Ted Cruz doesn’t break out often since it’s so unflattering on him.

Why this is hilariously funny

A haircut can be a powerful thing. We are often faced with the question of who do I want to present ourselves as. It’s time to shed that old skin and start afresh. A new hairstyle can make you feel more confident, motivated, and even happier! But it’s not just on the outside where Ted has made an impact.

Ted Cruz got this cut in solidarity with the LGBT youth who experience discrimination for their sexuality.

Even before he got his now infamous haircut, Ted has always been a man of contrasts. First, there’s his name. The senator from Texas isn’t from Texas at all, but is actually from Canada!

But it isn’t just where he comes from that makes him unique; it’s also what he believes in. While Ted was born in Canada, his parents were originally from Cuba, so he considers himself Cuban as well. He became an American citizen later on, though.

How did he execute it?

Yesterday, Ted Cruz was giving a TV interview when he caught some air and wound up completely messing up his hair. His hair didn’t look very good, to begin with, but the wind certainly made it worse. If he had seen the results of the TV interview then, one could imagine that he would have been embarrassed enough to want to avoid any more appearances on TV at all costs.

At this point, someone from his staff likely talked him into getting a haircut so as not to be ridiculed again for such an unflattering appearance.

He may not have known about it until afterward, but Ted Cruz is a great troll. What better way to mock your political opponents than to give them terrible hair?

What does it say about society and culture?

There is one phenomenon that has been a defining feature of our society in recent years and that phenomenon is the culture of shaming. Just take a look at social media, it is often full of people who feel the need to shame others for various reasons.

Whether someone gains weight, misses their hair appointment, or decides to dye their hair blue, they will often receive criticism on these forms of public platforms as a form of reprimand. For example, Ted Cruz’s followers ridiculed him after he dyed his hair blue:

You are committing political suicide with this outrageous hairstyle. In this way, society uses shaming as a way to maintain normative values and punish those who dare step outside the lines.

What does it say about his opponents?

Presidential candidate and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, in a very clever troll, showed up to one of his campaign events in Iowa sporting an undeniably awful haircut. His message? Who cares? When the media asked him about it later on he reportedly joked, It’s just hair.

He may be right. Voters might not care that much about superficial things like haircuts or clothes. Maybe they care more about what their candidates say they will do if elected president or what they are willing to fight for while campaigning.

Whatever the case may be, Sen. Cruz is proving Ted Cruz can make light of himself and still stay true to his convictions when his opponents try to bait him into squabbling over foolish issues such as this ridiculous haircut.

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