Ted Cruz Crosses The Line With Bragging About His Role In ‘Big Lie’

Ted Cruz Crosses The Line With Bragging About His Role In 'Big Lie'

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who has shown himself to be capable of great rhetoric in the past, may have gone too far this time by bragging about his role in the creation of the big lie that he repeated on Fox News last week.

Cruz’s Website Lists the Law Firm He Works For

The firm is listed on his website as Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, where he worked in various capacities from 1990-1992 according to the page.

However, Politico reported that the Texas Senator’s biography states that he spent several months at the firm.

Cruz was asked about this discrepancy by Breitbart News and responded that he is proud of working at MMB but he just happened to not spend much time there.

Politico contacted multiple lawyers at the firm who disputed his claim.

Ted Cruz Bragged At Fundraiser About His Key Role in Lying to the Public

In a newly-released video of Senator Ted Cruz at a private fundraising event, he proudly and smugly discussed his involvement in the Big Lie campaign against President Barack Obama.

In twenty-seven days we can say farewell to Barack Obama, he said to enthusiastic applause from the audience. We are going to win in 27 days!

I just want to say I played a small part in this, for one example I helped lead the fight on Obamacare, he added. Time and time again, your president said it was all wrong.

Why I Filed an Ethics Complaint Against Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas)

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) crossed the line this morning with a public blog post in which he took credit for convincing the Texas legislature to institute S.B. 2, a 2015 law that has caused many women in Texas to be turned away from legal abortion clinics because it requires doctors to have to admit privileges at hospitals within 30 miles of their clinic or face criminal charges and penalties of up to $4,000 per day.

As you may recall, in 2013, Senator Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) filibustered S.B. 5 to run out of time on a special session called by then-Governor Rick Perry (R-Texas). Her filibuster and attempts to draw attention to S.B. 5 put intense pressure on

Republican legislators ultimately voted for a bill that banned abortion after 20 weeks but required strict safety standards on clinics so that women could still get an abortion if their health was in danger or if their pregnancy was a result of rape or incest – which is what Roe v Wade requires.

Quote from Ann Ravel, former Chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission

The problem with what Senator Cruz is doing here is that the F.E.C. is charged with civil enforcement of federal election law, so it does not have any criminal jurisdiction over things like perjury and that sort of thing, Ms. Ravel said. This will only be dealt with by a criminal prosecutor if there’s an allegation of some kind, and a determination is made as to whether there’s probable cause. She continued: It seems as though he was an integral part of this lie.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, already facing a string of ethics charges stemming from his presidential campaign and his days in government, has been formally accused by one fellow senator and two advocacy groups of breaking another law:

perjury. A criminal complaint filed Thursday with state bar officials in Texas accuses Senator Cruz of lying under oath about his role in producing television ads attacking Mr. Trump during the 2016 Republican presidential primary fight. Two nonprofit legal advocacy groups —

Protect Our Democracy, led by former Obama administration lawyers, and Free Speech for People, which has been active in Democratic Party politics — joined forces to file formal accusations against Mr.

Quote from Richard Painter, former White House ethics lawyer under George W. Bush

Mr. Painter said he hoped the bar would investigate and call a halt to Mr. Cruz’s misleading advertising of his work on behalf of the Republicans. He is falsely advertising his skills as an attorney, Mr. Painter said in an email. Truth in advertising requires the disclosure of the facts about what you are selling.

Cruz is making himself seem like he has skills in lawyering that he does not possess. A lawyer who knowingly uses false statements for profit cannot be permitted to continue such blatant misrepresentations with impunity, Mr. Painter wrote, arguing that state bars had been working more aggressively to keep lawyers from lying over Twitter.

Quote from Norm Eisen, chief ethics counselor for the Obama administration

Senator Ted Cruz yesterday injected himself into his first substantive presidential campaign controversy by bragging about his role in the world’s most notorious false-promise masquerading as a health care plan, and he’s getting flack for it. In a post to his Facebook page,

the Texas senator celebrated that he was among the members of Congress who voted against federal legislation to reform healthcare in America. But here’s what he said at the end: ‘I’m glad that Congress followed my lead in stopping this train wreck!’ He added: ‘Not satisfied with destroying health care in America, Democrats want to unleash government-sponsored pain.’ It might have been just another silly Facebook post–except it wasn’t.

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