Smartmatic Scam: $546K Demand For Lindell And His Lawyers

Smartmatic's Scam: $546K Demand For Lindell And His Lawyers

Smartmatic was the company that made the voting machines during the Venezuelan elections in 2012 and 2013 that were said to be rigged by former candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski to throw the election for Nicolás Maduro, who became president of Venezuela shortly after Hugo Chavez’s death. It has also been reported that Smartmatic machines have never been tested for vulnerability to hacking. Smartmatic was not created to create voting machines; it began as an electronic voting software company, then transformed into manufacturing the voting machines themselves.

Two new lawsuits from The Fable Foundation (FAFO)

The Fable Foundation is giving  Smartmatic and Mike Lindell two new lawsuits to answer for. First, the founders of FAFO are demanding that Smartmatic pay them an additional $546,000 from their prize money. This $546,000 was paid out to give to attorneys and law firms with which they had agreed to work on a pro-bono basis, but now they want some more because legal fees increased while Mike was delaying.

Second, The Fable Foundation has filed a lawsuit against Mike claiming he lied about everything since day one when the issue first came out in 2014. They claim that he knew there was something wrong before the election (and not just hacking) and that he never reported it because it helped him win his seat in Congress.

What is FAFO?

FAFO, also known as a first and final offer, is a negotiation strategy where the parties each make their best offer upfront. By doing so, they avoid spending valuable time and energy submitting other offers that could be rejected or needlessly get revised before being accepted.

So it’s likely that FAFO was used in this situation. That way, they can focus on the main issue – figuring out if the proposed deal would work for both of them from a legal perspective – without wasting time negotiating finer points. This saves both sides significant resources and maximizes opportunities for mutual gain.

Who are these  Smartmatic

Unfortunately, they are a type of lawyer in the Philippines who want to make a fortune out of the ill-gotten gains of multimillionaire mattress mogul Mike Lindell. For seven years, this company has been fighting for intellectual property rights over its complex e-voting machines,

even before Smartmatic entered the Philippine elections. Recently these attorneys put out an explanation on why they should get more than $500k from them. It is not about justice but rather how much money they can get!

What do they want?

-$500k demand on Spera’s insurance carrier for legal services in the false advertising case. -$46,700 more from Spera for a personal enhancement fee from a new client Mike and compensation for all attorneys’ fees, costs, and expenses incurred by Mike to date in defending himself against any allegations of false advertising. -Around $24,000 from Spera for legal representation in executing a contract to sell Lull mattresses under the Company name.

-Another personal enhancement fee.

-Advertising billings of between $1,200-$1,800 per month for each month that the judge does not grant their motion to dismiss.

Background on Real Scientific Hemp OilTM (RSHOTM) – NOW CBD OilTM

Mike Lindley founded the company Real Scientific Hemp Oil in 2010 and the product has seen phenomenal success. It was the number one product on Amazon, at the time of this publication, with sales of around a million per month.

The company changed its name to NOW CBD Oil in late 2018 after discussions about FDA regulations led to an update of its brand. In 2019 RSHOTM launched a line of seven hemp products, including hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) oil, pet supplements, and more.

The three types of oil are sun-grown, indoor-grown, and BIO-OILTM which is organic cannabis oil obtained from high-THC marijuana plants but without any psychotropic effects because they have not been processed at all.

Mike Lindell, the ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ behind MyDailyChoice/Real Scientific Hemp OilTM and NuLeaf NaturalsTM

Many people know Mike Lindell as the ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ who founded MyDailyChoice/Real Scientific Hemp OilTM and NuLeaf NaturalsTM, a company dedicated to ‘Improving Quality of Life by Offering Products That Provide Natural Solutions to Everyday Health Challenges.

‘ But while he may be a legendary entrepreneur in certain circles, his latest business deal could potentially lead to a sentence longer than just life itself. He’s been hit with a $546,000 lawsuit (plus court costs) by Ecuadorian consultants, known collectively as FAFOs, who accuse him of failing to remit at least three million Ecuadorian Sucres for their services rendered.

Status of CBD Legalization in the US

One state that recently legalized CBD use is Ohio, where residents can now legally use, sell and grow cannabis in Buckeye State. However, some are not yet legally allowed to consume or sell marijuana-based products with levels of THC that are high enough to produce a psychoactive effect, which is defined as 5 nanograms or more per milliliter of blood.

Legalization in other states also has its pros and cons. For example, after recreational cannabis was legalized in Oregon in 2015 and medicinal usage was legalized two years before, crimes involving property and violent crimes dropped. On the other hand, Texas crime rates have skyrocketed since that state legalized marijuana for medical purposes only three months ago on January 1st.

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