Sidney Powell Is A Joke: How She Tried to Steal the Election

Sidney Powell Is A Joke: How She Tried to Steal the Election

The infamous Sidney Powell has done it again! In her latest bid to cripple the Trump administration, she filed a lawsuit claiming that President Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton, but there’s just one problem. Sidney Powell is full of shit and can’t prove anything in court! Here’s why.

The Story

Most people have never heard of Sidney Powell, but she has one big case that you might have heard of. In 2005, Powell was tasked with defending American International Group in a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of policyholders after the collapse of Worldcom.

Was the award handed down by a jury? 7 billion dollars for her client – much more than anyone would have thought. Fast forward 13 years and we see that in 2016, we were now entrusted with another major investigation from 2008 –

this time involving Bernie Sanders and how he and his wife violated campaign finance laws by using their joint bank account to clear her college loans. That verdict? Again, a hefty seven billion dollar settlement in favor of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, coming just a few weeks before Election Day on November 8th.

However, new evidence has been uncovered that suggests Sidney Powell is a liar. So far, all we have is an allegation – but if proven true, it will be a major blow to the Clinton campaign and American politics as a whole. Take a look at these documents that were uncovered by Twitter user Jackson Adams,

who has been investigating their case against her since last year. What you’re looking at are e-mails between attorneys in her firm who talk about how she wants all of her time sheets and invoices checked for fraud by another associate (also from their firm) before paying them out

. As you can see below, one of those invoices was clearly for work done for Hillary Clinton’s campaign – which she originally billed to Bernie Sanders’ company.

Meet The Criminal

We all know that Hillary Clinton is a dirty and corrupt politician. From taking money from foreign governments and shady groups to illegally destroying evidence as Secretary of State. The FBI even told her they were not going to prosecute her criminally. Sidney Powell thinks this is outrageous!

On October 22nd, 2016, when I heard that the FBI was officially closing their investigation into Clinton’s e-mails I cried tears of joy – because this meant she couldn’t steal this election as she tried in 2008. But then on November 3rd, 2016 I woke up in shock.

Sidney had filed an election contest against Trump just days before. This can’t be true – no one wants Hillary Clinton as president! Why would anyone vote for someone who’s been accused of mishandling classified information? And Sidney should’ve known better.

Not only has she admitted that Hillary will make mincemeat out of Donald (it seems more likely now), but she said back in 2014 that Hillary is using a private server to avoid FOIA requests.

What more proof do you need? Now we have less than two weeks until the inauguration, and time is running out for those people who are trying to impeach Trump without actually having valid grounds. It looks like it’ll come down to one question: did Sidney Powell try to steal the election?

Moore’s Law Works

Moore’s Law is a general observation in computing that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit double about every two years. So, imagine if Moore’s Law works and we continue at this same pace of semiconductor innovations,

what will life be like ten or twenty years from now? What can you do now, with today’s technology and current economic possibilities, to future-proof your company?

Moore’s Law has also been applied as a metaphor for information technology (IT) development–the exponential growth in computing power through time. As noted by Professor John G.


Voter Fraud Happens

Most voter fraud is unintentional and innocent, but it does happen. In one infamous case in 2007, Lorraine Mannite tracked down five cases of supposed fraud in New Jersey and only found one that involved a fraudulent voter, who was also an unlikely candidate for targeted voting because she didn’t speak English or know how to sign her name.

Allegations of voter fraud are common in heated political battles and often stem from one party being unable to accept defeat at the ballot box.

But every once in a while there’s evidence of serious abuse, such as when 72 voting machines went missing for several days before a Georgia special election or when a South Carolina poll worker told voters that photo ID wasn’t required. Voter fraud does happen, but it’s extremely rare.

The vast majority of allegations simply amount to people voting illegally out of ignorance or confusion. In most cases, no actual vote was changed by fraudulent ballots—instead, they were detected and thrown out before they could be counted.

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