10 Questions We Have After Seeing Rudy Giuliani Shave Over His Food

10 Questions We Have After Seeing Rudy Giuliani Shave Over His Food

Yesterday Rudy Giuliani Shave made news by shaving over his dinner during an interview on CNN. The move, which was carried out by one of the best experts in the field, has left people scratching their heads and wondering what went on with this unusual grooming choice. We decided to take it upon ourselves to ask the questions on everyone’s mind in this article titled 10 Questions We Have After Seeing Rudy Giuliani Shave Over His Food. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments!

1) What was he shaving?

The Daily Mail reported this morning that during an interview with the Wallis, former New York Mayor and US President George W. Bush’s advisor, Rudy Giuliani Shave, was recorded on camera shaving while sitting at a table of food. The incident raises several questions.

What did he think would happen if he shaved with his razor so close to a dish? Did he expect to finish his meal before it was made into soup? Did he anticipate how the entire interview room would smell like peppermint? We may never know the answers to these queries but we’re left wondering: is this newsworthy?

What happened during the shaving over food incident?

2) How did the blade cut through such thick hair?

The only question that many people have is how the blade cut through such thick hair. Many thought that it may be a razor but then they saw the photo, so it was likely not an electric shaver. Some believed he used a clipper with a comb on the side to make his hair stay up but the picture would suggest otherwise. It’s possible he used some kind of scissors or maybe even worse, a set of nail clippers. Who knows at this point?

Regardless of how he did it, nobody thought that shaving over food was something we should be doing anyways as it is disgusting and should never happen again

3) How does he keep it sharp?

For those who didn’t grow up watching him, it might not be clear how Giuliani’s straight razor can slice through his food so easily. As you might know, a straight razor blade must be constantly sharpened with a hone (a piece of stone) to keep it from going dull. A new blade also needs to be stropped against leather until there are no imperfections on the cutting edge.

During the video when he was eating and shaving, we assume that he was using an old blade that had already been used at least twice. The thing about old blades is that they can dull easier than newer ones, so it would have been even more difficult for him to shave over his food at that point.

4) Why does he shave over his plate?

Is he tired of having food spilled on his clothes? Is he trying to save time by shaving and eating at the same time? Is it for a dare? Does he just not like food all that much? Our best guess is that Rudy was showing off.

5) When does he eat his actual meal?

At this point, it’s unclear if he eats the food at all. The AP posted a video of him shaving with the spray can in front of his food. In that clip, Giuliani is seen reaching for a glass to put water in and then walking away from the table without ever eating anything.

Later on, he walks back over to where his plate is and takes a few steps back before finally picking up what looks like to be a spoon. Did he eat? It’s unclear. Plus, many people have taken note that Rudy seemed way too calm about what he was doing given how disgusting it looked—even laughing at one point.

6) What was going on in his life at this time?

Rudy Giuliani’s Shave over his food on live TV raises so many questions. Was he drunk, asleep, or completely ignorant of what he was doing? In the few hours since footage of the event was leaked, most people have been thinking about those questions and more.

How does one shave over their food in such a public setting without someone catching them? Is there a history of politicians having strange habits when dining with fellow leaders? There are some moments where this could have happened before and we would never know about it.

7) Who permitted him to do this in public?

It’s 2019, and it doesn’t seem like we’re making any new etiquette rules. Does this mean that the public is allowed to openly shave over their food? If so, then I’m assuming the answers to these 10 questions should be yes:

1) Did someone tell him he was doing something wrong before he shaved over his food? 2) Did he apologize for shaving over his food when someone approached him about it? 3) Did he intend to make a joke with this act or was it purely unintentional and self-expression? 4) Was this an honest mistake on his part, or did he just not care if anyone else was offended by it?

8) Why didn’t anyone stop him?

During one of the stranger moments in recent American history, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani Shave his mustache over a bowl of soup on live television. While anyone with a brain knows he was just laughing at the charity, it raises some questions about public safety.

1) Why didn’t the Secret Service stop him? It would be difficult to serve as America’s mayor without your mustache. This seems like an intelligence oversight on their part.

2) Is there any chance that his blade had been out at an off-air location and there is danger from unseen contamination? You wouldn’t want someone hacking up unhealthy organisms all over your food for whatever meal this is for.

9) Where are they eating anyway?

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10) Who thought this was a good idea, period?

We’ll give you the long answer and the short answer: no one. No one thought this was a good idea. This is so bizarre, even Trump commented on it, I don’t see any grounds for that at all. Eating cereal or eggs with a few rogue pieces of hair in it doesn’t seem to bother Trump, but we’re a little more particular about what goes into our mouths. It’s just like brushing your teeth before breakfast!

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