What’s The Best Writing Sample For The Job You’re Applying To?

What's The Best Writing Sample For The Job You're Applying To?

A writing sample is often required in the  Job You’re Applying process for jobs like copywriter, content manager, or web editor. If you’re an experienced writer, this shouldn’t be difficult; you’ll already have lots of samples to choose from on your resume and in your portfolio! If you’re applying to this position as your first job out of college, though, you might be at a loss as to what to submit as your writing sample.

Make it easy on the recruiter

Finding the right fit for your resume can be a tedious task. But don’t worry, this guide has got you covered. After identifying your best samples and updating any personal information, select a section that will best showcase your skills for the position you are applying to. Want to know what showcase means? Read on below!

2-3 years: Academic Papers

4-6 years: Longer Research Papers

7-10 years: Nonfiction Books and Articles

11+ years: Novels and Short Stories

Show what you are capable of

To be a successful content writer, you need to produce high-quality work that delivers the results your clients desire. Whether that’s an engaging blog post or the next best-selling self-help book, it will be your responsibility to provide creative solutions Job You’re Applying tailored to the needs of your customer. If you’re ready and able to take on this challenge, then upload a writing sample below! Your resume will show whether or not you have what it takes.

Sincerely, The Hiring Manager

Choose a topic that shows you can think critically

The best writing sample for the  Job You’re Applying for will depend on what type of job you are looking for. If you are applying for a blog writer, your writing sample should be a recent blog post that showcases your creativity and ability to communicate in writing.

If you are looking to be a copywriter, your writing sample should show attention to detail in explaining product benefits and marketing messages that are appropriate for the type of client or industry you want to work with. These examples illustrate the importance of making sure that whatever type of writer position one is seeking, the  Job You’re Applying submitted matches the needs and expectations of this position.

Show how well you communicate your thoughts

How do you know what to use for a writing sample? It can be helpful if you think about the type of  Job You’re Applying for and the purpose of a writing sample. Would it be used for editing, proofreading, or professional writing tasks like blogging, white papers, brochures, or other types of content creation? Below are some points to keep in mind when thinking about your writing sample  –

Your writing sample should not contain any personal information. – If you are submitting an edited document, make sure that all changes have been incorporated into the original text so as not to misrepresent your edits with corrections that haven’t been made yet. –

If you are submitting a content marketing piece, make sure there is enough variation in the text so that it does not feel repetitive (e.g., don’t just repeat phrases over and over). -If you want to submit two samples, such as one for editing and one for content marketing purposes, consider using different tools (e.g., Microsoft Word versus WordPress).

Keep it simple, but not too simple

It depends on the job you’re applying for. It’s important to remember that writing samples should show what you can do, not just that you write well. If  Job You’re Applying for a content creation position, then something like an original blog post or opinion piece would be perfect.

If you are applying for a copy editing position, Job You’re Applying it may be best to choose something with little to no spelling or grammar mistakes. Whatever sample you decide to submit, make sure it is from an area of expertise that is relevant to the  Job You’re Applying for.

Proofread several times

A successful writing sample for an advertisement will depend on what kind of advertisement you are applying for. If you are applying to be a copywriter, your writing sample should show off your ability to write convincing and engaging ads. If  Job You’re Applying to be a graphic designer,

your writing sample should show off your ability to create logos and attractive layouts that represent the company or product well. However, not all companies care about this so make sure you ask the hiring manager or human resources department what they want out of the writing sample. Asking these questions will help ensure that you create a powerful and effective piece for any employer to review.

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