Rudy Giuliani vs. The Lincoln Project: The Ultimate Showdown

Rudy Giuliani vs. The Lincoln Project: The Ultimate Showdown

Forget Hillary vs. Trump, forget Bernie vs. The Donald—the 2016 election has finally arrived and it’s Rudy Giuliani vs.  Ultimate Showdown Lincoln Project!

The former NYC mayor, infamous Trump apologist, and alien-turned-human being has finally taken up arms against someone besides Hillary Clinton: the Lincoln Project! But what’s the Lincoln Project?

The background

The most basic way to describe the disagreement between Rudy Giuliani and the members of the Lincoln Plan Commission is that they disagree on how history should be preserved.

The reason I opposed them was that I don’t want a statue of myself, Mr. Giuliani told reporters as he explained his rationale for opposing the commission’s recommendation to place a statue of President Abraham Lincoln in New York City Hall Park,

which currently features statues of General George Washington and Admiral Farragut, two founding fathers who fought for their new nation at the start of the Revolutionary War. What am I going to do?

How did this come about?

Trump’s third-party-tax cut proposal, which calls for the elimination of taxes on the first $25,000 in a person’s income and 25% cuts for individuals earning over that amount, has been met with broad support from his base in polls and elsewhere;

however, it has garnered some criticism from economists and even from within Trump’s party. For example, economic adviser Gary Cohn resigned from the administration over this specific policy proposal, as well as its feasibility in general—a sentiment echoed by other insiders who were skeptical of this provision being able to garner enough Congressional support.

Of course, in typical Trump fashion, his response to these critiques was to fire back and attempt to discredit them—which is where Rudy Giuliani comes into Lincoln’s play.

While speaking at a campaign rally for Republican Gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie on October 15th in Abingdon, Virginia,

Trump’s lawyer and former Mayor of New York City used several minutes of his time on stage to berate economic adviser Larry Kudlow over his opposition to tax cuts which encouraged consumption over savings;

He then moved on to lamenting what would have happened if Hillary Clinton had won instead of Trump, suggesting that she would have doubled down on Obama-style policies such as capital gains tax increases.

Trump’s response

If you’re from New York and know what Rudy’s about, the Lincoln and know how people are all talking about him now, you know that the other guy is about as impotent as a limp penis, Trump said. I won’t say who it is right now.

Trump also bashed the Globe’s staffers for referring to Trump’s penis size in their coverage. They said, ‘he’s got small hands and therefore he must have a small penis.’

I then went out, I was on like every one of the morning shows, Trump continued. And I said listen, it doesn’t matter, I don’t want to be known as having a small something, as usual, they didn’t include this.

What next?

After a fiery speech about the importance of Abraham Lincoln to the founding fathers, Rudy Giuliani walked away to applause and screams of Four more years! Those on social media were quick to point out that as in Lincoln’s previous public appearances,

He was wearing a gold tie pin with the letter F embossed on it–a talisman that is believed by some Christians to represent Jesus Christ and bring them good luck. Most critics were amused by this latest addition to what they now refer to as ‘Giuliani’s Catalog of Failure’.

However, some fear the worst, interpreting this new evidence as further proof that he believes himself destined for power, even beyond the second term he narrowly escaped four years ago.

Social media responses

1) This is disappointing. I was so excited to find a home and get settled, but my son wants to move out of state and go into business for himself.

2) All I know is that last year exactly two guys were moving into town, and this year three different businesses are going in all on the same road.

3) …take all those plans down to their village because they don’t belong here.

4) He’s still poking his head around here making sure everything is done his way and now he wants us out of town?!

5) Wow I had no idea he was so grumpy about what we were doing.

6) (enter your response below)

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