Rudy Giuliani Banned from Fox News For Being Too fascist

Rudy Giuliani Banned from Fox News For Being Too fascist

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has been banned from appearing on any Fox News shows due to his blatantly fascist rhetoric, and it’s taken him back a bit. He’s still in shock after being told by the network that he couldn’t share his fascist views on the air anymore. I was just telling them how great Fascism is, he admitted when we spoke to him yesterday, and they told me I had to stop because they’re not fascist enough to let me say that.

President Donald Trump

It is no secret that the media wants to topple President Trump Banned. They have been non-stop ever since he became president. One of the most valuable and biased networks, Fox News, has taken steps against their former employee in an unprecedented move: banning him from a certain network show for not sticking to their standards of balance. In a recent interview on April 11th with the New Yorker, Guiliani said, I did not want to be exposed to either

Good Guys vs. Bad guys

In a shocking turn of events, Americans are faced with the very real problem of good guys versus bad guys. It’s difficult to believe that it is 2018 and the world has been overturned in such a way that people need reminding. What do we do? Who can we trust? You know, who’s the bad guy again?

Sorry, this country used to have quite clearly defined bad and good people. I think now, things are just mixed up for everyone. But what about back in 2017 when Obama was president? That’s when it was easier to see who was on the right side. We had hope then because our country wasn’t being torn apart at its very foundations. In those simpler days, America knew the leaders it trusted because they understood human decency and basic rights.

Sean Hannity

I’m sorry that Rudy is not on the show tonight, Hannity told his audience, but unfortunately due to America’s epidemic rise of fascism, the good mayor of New York has been banned from the show. I know it’s long overdue for someone to call this out.

Mayor Guiliani, we understand your defense and protection of our United States President Donald Trump. But with you constantly calling people ‘communist’, ‘socialist’, and now a ‘fascist,’ what are you trying to accomplish? It sounds like you are contributing to the rise of hate in America. Hannity said. We do not condone your use of language on our show at all.

The Sean Hannity Show

When Rudy Giuliani first appeared on The Sean Hannity Show Wednesday night to defend Donald Trump’s continued refusal to release his tax returns, things did not go well. If you don’t have time to read the whole story of what happened, here are the highlights:

Hannity called him out for going after Hillary Clinton for secrecy when he was a high-profile member of Trump’s campaign and cannot comment on whatever he knows; Hannity told Giuliani that his attacks on Clinton were off-topic because they’re trying to win over Bernie Sanders supporters; and finally, at one point when discussing Clinton’s record as secretary of state, an increasingly irate Giuliani said that Trump would be better at it than her. And then finally he was escorted off the show by security officers.

The Real America

While it may come as no surprise that many Americans oppose the president of the United States Banned, this news certainly did not sit well with Trump supporter, Rudy Giuliani. In what was perhaps his most controversial appearance to date, the former mayor of New York City spent a good deal of time on Monday’s episode lambasting a variety of topics including Samantha Bee and women’s magazines.

Not even halfway through the show, the Rupert Murdoch-owned network released a statement announcing that it would not invite Giuliani back onto any of its shows anytime soon. The firestorm surrounding these remarks has only intensified since his interview aired, but it seems that Rudy is just as in disbelief as we are – telling conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly Wednesday night he had no idea why he was banned.

What is Fascism?

The term fascism is often thrown around with disregard for its meaning. Far too often, the word is used when somebody simply disagrees with a person’s ideas and doesn’t have anything more intelligent to say about it. But if you look up the definition of fascism, it’s a political philosophy characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society. Fox News has time and time again proven itself to be fascist.

How do you know?

Ever since President Trump appointed Rudy Giuliani as the newest member of his legal team, he has been making a lot of waves in the media. A few days ago, Mr. Giuliani¬† Banned appeared on Fascist Fox News and openly talked about his client’s willingness to testify before the Special Counsel.

It was a move that no other defense attorney would dare do and most likely one that should have gotten him blacklisted and Banned from appearing on such a biased network. Then again, Rudy is no normal lawyer, so it wouldn’t be too shocking to find out this was all part of an elaborate scheme.

Challenges of fascism are imminent in America today

You can be a fascist or a racist and still have a good time. Said Rudy Giuliani in an interview with Sky News while discussing the potential Fascist America that would come after the Democrats had won.

President Trump is the least racist or fascistic President we’ve ever had. Said Rudy’s latest deflection.

But many Americans are starting to question what fascism means and how people like Rudy might affect their lives. What many do not know about fascism is that it was born out of authoritarianism and does not stand for democracy, equality, freedom, individuality, justice, and lawfulness.

Influential people believe in fascism unless they’re good guys like Rudy Giuliani who has been banned from Fox News because he calls out other fascists on his show.

Don’t believe in authoritarianism? That’s OK because Rudy Guiliani doesn’t believe in it either, so don’t worry about him. The only fascists that should be afraid of the good guy Rudy Banned are other fascists who happen to speak out against fascism. And you know what they say: if you can’t beat ’em, ban ’em. But hey, as long as you don’t even think or speak words like fascism, I guess they’ll have to let you stay on Fox News!

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