William Tell’s Unlikely Journey from Rock Star to Law School

William Tell's Unlikely Journey from Rock Star to Law School

At 37 years old, William Tell lived an interesting life. While he was in  Law School, William formed his first band and toured with the group around the country.

After he graduated, he moved to New York City where he managed another band that was signed by EMI Records and landed two singles on Billboard magazine’s top 100 list. Eventually, William left the music industry and pursued law school full-time while maintaining a job at Starbucks to support himself through school. In this article, we will take you through his journey from rock star to law student and explain how he got there.

What led to his decision?

After he finished college, William Tell went on to play guitar for many bands and traveled the world. Years later he found himself burned out and felt unfulfilled in his life. He decided that he was ready for a change and enrolled in law school at George Washington University. The challenges of a legal career were much different than what he was used to as a rock star, but they were worth it because they suited his personality more and made him happy.

As a rock star, William Tell often performed in front of thousands of fans. He was very active and busy during his time as a musician, traveling all over and always performing on stage. Becoming a lawyer meant leaving behind his career as a musician and being able to fully embrace another passion he discovered in law school. The learning curve wasn’t easy at first, but once he got through it he saw that it was well worth it.

Sure makes a difference – Third Paragraph: William Tell spent many years playing rock music, but now works as an entertainment attorney full-time for one of Hollywood’s biggest studios in Los Angeles, CA.

What was involved in the application process?

It wasn’t a quick process to get accepted into law school. I started the process by getting my undergraduate degree and waiting an additional two years before I submitted any applications. The only reason for this is that law schools don’t want students coming in with undergraduate debt and not being able to afford their education due to other financial obligations. Once I did send off my applications,

it was about 8 months before I heard anything back. During that time, I applied to over fifteen different schools. All told, it took about six months between when all the offers came through, but in that period, I had been accepted at eleven different schools.

Once I had my offers, it was time to decide. It was a tough choice but I decided on attending the University of Chicago’s College of Law. In choosing where I would attend law school, I knew that location would be an important factor as I was planning on practicing in New York City. This narrowed down my choices considerably.

The only other factors that were important to me is whether or not other musicians were attending and whether or not their music program was top-notch. As it turned out, there wasn’t a single musician in attendance when I started law school and their music program wasn’t highly ranked.

What has he enjoyed most about studying law?: Studying law is unlike any other degree you can pursue while at university.

Was there anything he wished he knew before applying?

I will take a moment to share with you some of the things that I wish I knew before applying. First, do your research and make sure that the school is really for you. Although there are many law schools across the country, every school has different qualities so you must find a school that best fits your specific needs as well as where you are going to live and work after graduation. Second, most law schools have a law career day in the fall semester that allows recent graduates and legal professionals to visit and talk about their experiences practicing in various fields of law.

What are his plans now that he’s starting law school?

William is a passionate man. He has always been passionate about his art and his band. But what sets him apart is that he’s just as passionate about social justice, racial equality, and making the world a better place. When it came time to start thinking about his future, William realized that he was being too restricted by thoughts of what kind of career he wanted.

The idea of being in a big law firm appealed to him but was so not where he saw himself ending up in twenty years. And while he didn’t want the days-upon-days’ workweeks either, it still seemed like an odd choice to be making right now–kinda at the end of everything.

Where can readers find him on social media?

If you’re interested in following William on his incredible journey, visit his website, and follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @wtelllaw.

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