Poor Lawyer Chipmunk – Latest Zoom Courtroom Fail Has Lawyer Cat Judge In stitches

Latest Zoom Courtroom Fail Has Lawyer Cat Judge In stitches

When Lawyer Cat was trying to win another case before Judge Dog, he had to prove that Lawyer Chipmunk was guilty of being late… but his plan backfired with an epic fail… and Lawyer Cat got sent to the dog house! You have to see this hilarious courtroom fail!!

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What’s not to love about a court case that features the always-entertaining lawyer cat and the somewhat-annoying little guy with the voice?

What begins as a rather standard discussion of a case turns into an awesome battle royal in which a poor little lawyer chipmunk is summoned to represent his fellow animal in small claims court.

All seemed to be going well until he realized that his law license was just inside out, rendering it completely illegible. It’s at this point that we’re treated to one of the best final remarks delivered by judge cat we’ve seen in a while: Maybe you should go get your law license fixed so it reads on both sides.

Of course, these scenes aren’t all that they appear to be. A lawyer that specializes in personal injury cases needs to watch out for hidden dangers – like loose floors and falling objects. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have your client sign an informed consent form before filming your latest courtroom fail video.

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Lawyer Chipmunk was subpoenaed to be a witness in court yesterday. Luckily, he remembered the steps he learned in Law School for Animals and took the stand to answer a few questions. Unfortunately, after the judges saw his early moments of testimony they put him on trial! His tough time on the stand had Lawyer Cat Judge in stitches!

Yesterday was a hard day for poor Lawyer Chipmunk. As if he didn’t have enough problems, he had to go to court and testify against his furry friend, The Missing Nut Case! Thankfully, he remembered what it taught him in law school:

The Animal on Trial can take a 5-second timeout whenever they want! However, after a few minutes of silence from Lawyer Chipmunk, Judge Hamsternut called him out on it saying you know that isn’t how these things work around here. After some testimony from The Missing Nut Case telling lies about his client and making up facts as they went along, Judge Hamsternut had seen enough.

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Lawyer chipmunk isn’t having a good day as he continues to have all his cases overturned for lack of providing evidence. His troubles seem to be over when suddenly the room fills with yellow smoke, but it doesn’t stop the judge from overturning his case.

Having a chuckle at the expense of our favorite lawyer chipmunk? That’s ok! He deserves it after his most recent courtroom failure. While I haven’t been following along with this specific case, it doesn’t take long before you can tell that he is always in some kind of predicament and nothing ever goes right for him.. well until now!

Video Breakdown

The video begins with a law school, with a chipmunk climbing up the side of it and up to the top, which we can presume is the office. The title then flashes on the screen: Lawyer Cat, and cuts to lawyer cat driving in his car. Suddenly he hears a noise coming from down below and so he drives over and looks out at what appears to be a judge reading while wearing headphones.

The scene then changes to show another one of the lawyer cat’s cases where the lawyer cat has brought a guilty defendant before the judge who is still listening to music with her headphones on.

The judge then proceeds to listen to her music for a few seconds before noticing that someone is waiting for her attention and so she takes off her headphones. When the lawyer cat announces his case, however, he is unable to get through to her as she isn’t listening.

The scene then changes and shows lawyer cat yet again in court where he presents his case once more and where it goes much better than before. The defendant pleads guilty and the lawyer cat leaves with nothing but compliments from everyone present in court. This time, however, when lawyer cat drives away in his car he hears a noise come from above him so he stops at a red light at which point another chipmunk climbs down onto his roof and starts talking to him through his window.

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