Panda Express Stripping Scandal: Employee Claims She Was Forced To Get Naked And Hug Co-Worker

Panda Express Stripping Scandal:

A former Panda Express employee has filed suit against the restaurant, claiming that she was made to strip naked and hug her co-worker at the company’s mandatory management seminar. The lawsuit claims that when the woman objected to performing what she described as sexual gestures,

the male supervisor laughed at her and threatened to fire her if she didn’t follow orders. The incident occurred in 2015, according to the lawsuit, which was recently filed in California Superior Court in San Diego County. The lawsuit seeks punitive damages as well as compensation for emotional distress, loss of wages, and attorney fees incurred by the woman.

The Alleged Incident

According to the former Panda Express employee, she was forced to strip naked and hug a male co-worker during a management seminar.

A spokesperson for Panda told the Oregonian newspaper that employees were given clear instructions but that they were still looking into the incident.

The Social Media Reaction

With all the success Panda Express has seen over the years, you wouldn’t expect there to be a scandal such as this. But as soon as one employee came forward with her story of how she was forced to strip naked and hug a co-worker, it quickly started trending online.

Customers were outraged at the claims that Panda Express and refused to believe that management would ever make such demands. Another angry customer went so far as to say they wanted their money back because they don’t want perverted pedophiles touching their food.

It was chaos in the comments section with people constantly bashing or defending the company. However, one person claimed to have been at the seminar where this happened and said that even though it didn’t happen exactly as it did for everybody else, it did happen.

The Official Response

Earlier this week, there was a story on the news that the Panda Express corporation had forced their employees to strip naked and hug their co-workers.

This event was part of an annual management seminar. We at Panda believe in living by the spirit of the company mission statement to create happiness and joy, one plate at a time for our guests and team members alike. This alleged incident is completely contrary to our values as an organization and we find it completely unacceptable.

If you have any information about these accusations, please contact your human resources representative or your local police station. It goes without saying that if these allegations are found to be true, whoever was responsible will face significant disciplinary action, up to and including termination from employment.

Why This Matters

The former Panda Express employee is the first woman to speak out against the company.

She claimed that this was done as part of a pandering management seminar that she did not consent to participate.

This could constitute sexual harassment under California state law.

Anybody else who may have been through this experience should come forward and speak up about their issues with the company so that something can be done about it.

Where Does the Law Stand?

It’s important to know that you have rights in the workplace, and they are even more powerful in a situation like this. First of all, don’t feel embarrassed if someone at work has made you feel uncomfortable. You can report them to your human resources department.

Then, if the HR department fails to remedy the situation, it’s important to look into filing an EEOC complaint. Lastly, if nothing gets solved, or better yet if things get worse–it might be time to go talk with a lawyer about what kind of legal action you can take next.

What Does This Mean For Employers?

Employers face a lot of challenges when it comes to training employees. With some employees reluctant to give feedback or get too honest, employers need creative ways to break the ice. One way is to send them all away for an offsite where they can learn more about the company culture.

Employers have also found success in socializing with them by taking them out for team dinners and events on and off-site. The most difficult part of these situations is how to keep professional boundaries without offending the employee in question or risk exposing the company’s vulnerability in front of the world.

This means that an employer has a responsibility not only to themselves but also to their employee when inviting them on company retreats such as this one.


Conclusions/What Should Businesses Do Next?

This is a textbook example of sexual harassment. At no point should employees be forced to take off their clothes and hug co-workers to participate in any company function. Organizations like Panda Express need to make it clear that no form of coercion or sexual assault will be tolerated and we hope this story can serve as a wake-up call for the industry. If you are experiencing sexual harassment or assault,

report the incident to your HR department immediately so that your company can investigate and take appropriate measures when needed.

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