Checking Your Kid’s Genitals to ‘Own the Libs’: Ohio’s bizarre new law

_Checking Your Kid's Genitals to 'Own the Libs' Ohio's bizarre new law

As we all know, the most important factor in raising children law is making sure they’re not transgender—even if you have to publicly humiliate them by making them expose their genitals in front of strangers and pediatricians to ensure this.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Genital Checks

Starting in 2020, Ohio will require that parents have their kids’ genitals checked before they can enter school. We wanted to break down what this means and let you know what your rights are.

According to the proposed law, a parent could avoid mandatory genital checks by opting out of them completely. If they want their child enrolled in public school, though,

they’ll need to get consent from a medical professional and provide it with documents and proof at each year level of schooling until graduation.

But that only applies if it’s an academic requirement for entering school; if it’s not, then parents would still need consent from a medical professional at each level of schooling. So say you send your children to private school without the genital check-in?

Wait, What? Why Is This Happening in America?

So I wanted to know, why is this happening in America? Yes, if you’re a woman, we live in a place where you can’t get your birth control without a prescription and can be fired for breastfeeding. So it’s no surprise that some weird legislation is popping up all over this country.

But this genital checking thing? It might sound harmless enough at first – some people say they’re worried about infections – but it has some shady undertones.

You see, aside from not having any evidence that kids have sexually transmitted diseases or are committing sexual crimes with impunity (actually rates of both have gone down), performing these checks also sends the message that someone who has sex and has an STD is bad and not worthy of love, trust or respect.

New Genital Integrity Law Passes in Ohio

Earlier this week, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed a bill into law that forces parents to get their children’s genitals examined before they can enroll in school.

According to the law, doctors are required to conduct an intact or uncut exam on minors under 18 years old who wish to start kindergarten.

That includes babies. These exams could reveal whether or not these children have had their foreskin removed and replaced with a male infant circumcision device (commonly known as a Gomco clamp) for non-medical reasons. If it is found that the child was forcibly cut by his parents,

which would be considered assault and battery in this state, those parents could face jail time of up to eight years and/or $25,000 in fines per offense.

Doctors Urge Parents to Opt Out of Child Routine Genital Checks

A law in Ohio, which went into effect in 2018, mandates that all kids undergo routine genital checks during doctor visits.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and other medical organizations, however, say this is not necessary or beneficial to a child’s well-being. They maintain that a general health exam would suffice.

Forcing parents with children of all genders – which includes both males and females as well as those with non-binary gender identities – to undergo genital checkups runs counter not only to AAP recommendations but also is likely violating what many consider their right of bodily privacy and personal rights.

The other States Are Banning Laws Like These

Most states are banning laws like these. Several states have proposed legislation that would prohibit doctors from performing unnecessary exams on girls unless a parent requests it or there is some other indication of concern, such as trauma or signs of child abuse.

Ohio lawmakers debated a bill that would require doctors to check children’s genitals for anything that might indicate an issue before they were 18. The proponents of this bill argued it was needed to protect children against sexual predators and molestation.

What they don’t mention is how much fear-mongering is wrapped up in their rhetoric, nor do they address the possibility of coercion and even abuse perpetrated by parents on their children.

Adults are checking their genitals. Should we worry?

Last week, it was revealed that parents in Washington County, Ohio are being encouraged to examine their children’s genitals to own the libs.

Yes, you read that correctly. The school district’s superintendent has been circulating a letter explaining that if we don’t act quickly on climate change our genitals will get chopped off. And if there was any doubt about how serious this matter is…

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