No Justice For Victims Of Drunk Driver Who Is A Lawyer

No Justice For Victims Of Drunk Driver Who Is A Lawyer

A recent decision by the California State Bar to suspend an attorney accused of running over three pedestrians with her car and Drunk driving away has been criticized by the family of one of the victims,

who was killed in the hit-and-run incident. Lawyer Melinda Hirsch, 33, remains on house arrest pending trial after being accused of leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in four deaths in February 2015.

She has not yet been formally charged with any crime despite her suspension from practicing law as part of her release conditions, which many critics say is unjust to the families of those who died and may even be unconstitutional.

The headline

In a somber decision, a district court judge found accused lawyer Karen Bobel not guilty of the vehicular manslaughter charges against her from an incident in 2006 when she allegedly drove her car into pedestrians while intoxicated.

The District Court Judge determined that the State’s Attorney could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that

Ms. Bobel was operating her vehicle with criminal negligence. As part of his ruling, he allowed testimony to be admitted concerning other reckless actions and bad behavior by Ms. Bobel over several years. Evidence introduced at trial established that Ms.

The subheading

Judge Alice Gregory granted Stephanie Van Buren’s request to remove her license for one year, on the condition that she does not violate any laws and does not drive during that time.

This verdict was disappointing because this person who caused so much destruction and injury will walk away without punishment. Why can’t we punish drunk drivers who are also lawyers?

What are our punishments for this if they are convicted of DWI? When someone is intoxicated, it takes them more time to think about what is going on in their surroundings because the brain is taking longer to process information, which means that accidents happen with more frequency.

Should people who are drunk drivers be punished with the same level of severity as those who break other types of laws? Absolutely!

First paragraph

People may have different perspectives on drunk driving and whether it is okay to drink and drive. However, there is no excuse for this behavior, especially from a lawyer who knew what he was doing would put other people in danger.

Many people lost loved ones because of this man’s carelessness, and now those victims may never get justice. They were not just harmed by him; they were robbed of their loved ones too.

Second paragraph

We found out that drunk drivers are always well-represented, and they live a different type of justice compared to those who have had their lives taken away.

The worst part is that this type of accident can happen to anyone. Drunk driving is not something we just see in the movies anymore. It’s more present than ever, with alcohol as the third-leading cause of death among Americans over the age of 15.

So when people drink and drive, they kill innocent people who did nothing but get behind the wheel on an average Saturday night. If you or someone you know has been in an accident caused by a drunk driver, don’t take it sitting down: get legal help from your injury attorney today.

Third paragraph (call to action)

Please sign the petition and tell the Texas Board of Disciplinary Appeals that this woman should be suspended for not only her actions but for her ability to do anything in law. She deserves no mercy or second chances and she must be prohibited from practicing law so she can never again hurt any other victim.

We need you, too. There are two ways you can help: sign this petition, which we’ll deliver to the appellate court, or help us find more victims.

Call 888-329-6262 if you were involved in a collision with this lawyer and would like to submit your contact information (including the date of collision) anonymously for the board of disciplinary appeals to review. Thank you!

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The President of the Washington D.C. Court of Appeals, Chief Judge Robert E. Morin, issued a suspension on an attorney who killed someone by driving drunk and then attempted to flee the scene. In 2017,

Assistant U.S. Attorney Tayna Fogle was sentenced to three years in prison for striking a group of people with her car while drunk and fleeing the scene, leaving two people dead and another severely injured.

She pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated assault by vehicle and one count of DWI (driving while intoxicated).

The district judge at that time suspended her license indefinitely, imposed six months’ probation subject to wearing an alcohol monitoring bracelet during the probationary period, and ordered 500 hours of community service over three years.

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