Looking for something to do this month? Check out our free CLE of the month!

Looking for something to do this month? Check out our free CLE of the month!

Interested in attending CLE but not sure what you want to do? We have you covered! Every month, we offer one free CLE either online or in-person that meets your needs. Check out our free CLE of the month for April below and sign up here!

[Free CLE] What is an LLC?

Incorporating your business can be a big step. This year, we’re giving you an overview of what incorporating is and whether it may be the right decision for you.

There are four different types of corporations, so we will cover each type in depth before going over some things you should consider when deciding which form is best for your business.

By the end, you’ll know what an LLC is and how incorporating can impact your tax situation as well as other aspects of managing your business.

We hope that with these resources, you’ll feel more informed and ready to take control and make sure incorporation is just one part of a long-term plan that gets you from now until retirement day and beyond.

[Free CLE] Trademark Strategies that Protect Your Business’ Value

Did you know that trademarks are in most cases public records, and people can search through trademark databases to find information about your business name or logo?

This can be a good thing if someone wants to use your company’s name or logo and you want to protect it. However, sometimes those who intentionally want to make a profit by infringing on your company’s name or logo will steal it.

Whether you want a simple search on Google or more advanced searches, it’s important to know what steps you can take now so you’re prepared when someone tries to steal your trademark.

[Free CLE] Tips For Drafting A Successful Commercial Lease

Our current topic is Tips For Drafting A Successful Commercial Lease. We’ve been discussing legal and practical issues involved in commercial leasing. What are your responsibilities as a lessee or lessor?

How should you conduct business when negotiating a lease? And what should you consider when seeking tenant improvements,

financing, alterations, occupancy agreements, and assigning leases in anticipation of economic downturns? In our second session on July 11th, we will wrap up with a summary and answer any questions from attendees.

[Free CLE] Learn How To Use The Internet To Grow Your Law Practice

In today’s world, the internet is more powerful than ever before. With a simple search on your favorite search engine, you can find information about anything from computer programming techniques to procedures for growing cacti.

The internet is also a great place to learn about practical and helpful tips that could be applied directly in your profession. In today’s blog post, we will share some easy steps for utilizing the internet for more efficient law practice.

[Free CLE] What Is A Non-Compete Agreement, And Why Should I Care?

Free CLE of This Month will be discussing the use of technology in 2019. Technology has changed the business dramatically over the last few years,

and you should stay up-to-date with the latest trends. This session will provide a roadmap for how tech is changing in 2019 and what that means for your business.

A non-compete agreement is a legal contract that’s typically agreed upon when one person or company (the contracting party) hires another person or company (the talent) to be an employee.

If you sign a non-compete, it means you’re agreeing not to go into business for yourself, work with a competitor company, open up your own competing business, or work in a similar capacity at any other company within specified geographic borders.

Non-competes are increasingly being used by employers as a way to protect their intellectual property and trade secrets, although they may not always be enforceable by law.

This session will discuss what constitutes a non-compete, why employers implement them, and how you can get around them should your employer ask you to sign one.

[Free CLE] Keep Up With The Latest In Technology In 2019

You may have thought 2018 was a big year with new technology being announced left and right, but 2019 is shaping up to be even bigger. Every day there’s a new device, service, or software being launched into the market that could revolutionize how we work and live.

That’s why we are so excited to announce that this January’s Free CLE is all about technology- keeping you ahead of the latest innovations in 2019.

Start by learning how these five devices can make your life easier:

-iTunes: It connects over 300 million different devices and runs 18 million podcasts each day. Why wait hours after a tech show when you can start listening now?

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