Merrick Garland Is Not Abusing His Office To Get Rich, Say The Least Stupid People On The Internet

Merrick Garland Is Not Abusing His Office To Get Rich, Say The Least Stupid People On The Internet

If you’ve been following the Merrick Garland Supreme Court nomination, you’ve probably noticed that not everyone agrees on whether he’s abusing his office to get rich or not. In fact,

if you were to describe two opposing viewpoints on this topic, it would look something like this: On one side, there are the people who think that Merrick Garland is abusing his office to get rich from an eventual high-paying job as a lobbyist,

consultancy head, or whatever after leaving the court and then retiring later on down the road when he becomes too old for those other jobs.

Sizing up the online outrage over Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

There’s a lot of bad information going around these days. Just to be clear: Merrick Garland has not Abusing committed an abuse of office by using his position as Supreme Court nominee to become rich.

The most stupid people on the internet keep repeating this lie, but it’s time for us to stop and point out why their statement is both wrong and nonsensical.

Trump’s Supreme Court nominee was targeted for an attack

– Trump’s Supreme Court nominee was attacked.

– You can’t judge a person’s character by the tenor of their opposition.

– The lower classes are constantly exploited by elitists who think they know what is best for everyone.

– If Merrick Garland has any dignity at all he should call up these uppity hooligans and set them straight.

This is how it’s done

Some of the president’s foes have suggested that Judge Merrick is abusing his office to get rich by sitting on the sidelines while he could be getting back pay and benefits.

I’m not going to dispute that or defend it; frankly, I don’t care what he does or doesn’t do on the off chance that he might decide to go home at some point. But let’s just think about this for a minute.

What if other people took this line of reasoning? For example, one argument was made Abusing Donald Trump becoming president. He is not a very good role model for children because all he does is play golf.

There’s a difference between doing something questionable and being an irresponsible scoundrel when your work ethic sucks from morning til night.

Overnight sensation? Think again.

Nomination for SCOTUS requires more than just getting the GOP nod. A list of SCOTUS judges from both parties compiled by Laurence Tribe and Steve Calabresi should be considered as well:

1) Kevin Newsom (former Alabama Solicitor General)

2) Sri Srinivasan (current US Circuit Judge in DC, nominated Abusing to US Court of Appeals in 2013)

3) Jane Kelly (current US Circuit Judge in Iowa, nominated to US Court of Appeals in 2013)

4) Paul Watford (current US Circuit Judge in California; also taught law at UC Irvine and UCLA School of Law; has over 18 years of legal experience practicing civil rights law and litigating matters before the U.S.

So much for fairness

It wasn’t that long ago that many on the left insisted that President Trump nominate a Supreme Court justice to maintain an ideological balance.

Yet now they are howling because the Obama appointee they fought tooth and nail not to replace would not get a hearing. Now, this is fair?… While the reality is that no one – save those directly involved – knows what went down,

the outrageous Abusing hyperbole being espoused by those we thought had learned something about the balance of power in all things since November 8 should not go unchallenged.

If anything Merrick Garland Abusing deserves our gratitude for his exemplary public service, as well as recognition for once again understanding our values and exhibiting his constitutional devotion when he rejected Obama’s nomination.

Being quiet as a mouse until it’s time to strike

According to some of the most stupid people on the internet, Obama and his Chief of Staff are trying to help their crony Merrick Garland get rich by appointing him as Supreme Court justice.

I know what you’re thinking: aren’t these idiots forgetting that there’s a process and we’re at like day seven? Well, no. They’re just not very smart.

Plus they’re an obstructionist force that wants to hold up all new federal appointments until they can run out the clock.

Doing your job too well?

So wait. Do you think the Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit is sitting around eating doughnuts and just doing his job?

That Merrick Garland just got lucky in 1997 when he got a clerking gig for Justice William Brennan Abusing, or in 1990 when he was given a prestigious fellowship with then-Circuit Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Why would a nice guy like that go to Harvard Law School and study so hard to get these prestigious jobs at one of the most powerful courts in the world if he just wanted to stay an average guy his whole life and abuse his office to get rich? Do you know how absurd that sounds?

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