The Unthinkable has Happened: Albie Manzo is Suing Seton Hall Law School

The Unthinkable has Happened: Albie Manzo is Suing Seton Hall Law School

The unthinkable has happened and the legal community is shocked. School Albie Manzo, star of Bravo’s reality show Real Housewives of New Jersey, has filed a lawsuit against Seton Hall Law School in response to the allegedly negligent handling of his academic career there. Mr. Manzo claimed that he was forced to drop out of law school after being told that it would be impossible to finish his degree there in three years without losing multiple credits due to his obligations on the show.

How did this happen?

Albie Manzo started at Seton Hall Law in the Fall of 2016 and for a year, he studied hard, did well, and loved it. When it came time to apply for summer internships, he was told that his grades were too low to qualify. He appealed and was denied again. At the start of this semester, when he went to register for classes and found out that his eligibility had been revoked. What’s worse? The university refused to let him appeal his expulsion.

Background information

Albie Manzo is a reality TV star who was on the show Real Housewives of New Jersey. He attended Seton Hall law school but received his JD degree without attending final exams and without completing the required number of credits. When he inquired about receiving his diploma,

the school informed him that he had been academically dismissed and would not be able to receive his degree. In response, Albie filed a lawsuit for damages against Seton Hall for failing to inform him that he would be dismissed from school if he did not finish his coursework within five years of starting.

Manzo seems to be in the right here

There are very few circumstances in which a student or graduate can sue their school. The most likely scenario would be if the school acted with gross negligence. If this case goes to court, it could set a precedent for other students who feel as though they were deceived by their university.

In the meantime, if you are looking for an accredited law school in New Jersey, please know that there are other options available.

No one wins in a lawsuit like this

Albie Manzo, a former Seton Hall student, is suing the law school because he believes his academic performance was adversely affected by their lack of response to his mental health problems. The lawsuit seeks damages for the time and money he spent in law school,

as well as attorney fees. There are two sides to this issue; one side says that the university should not be held responsible for an individual’s mental health while they’re not on campus. On the other hand, some think that universities must address mental illness on-campus or off-campus. It doesn’t seem like there will be a winner in this lawsuit because either way, someone’s going to end up unhappy

Will justice be served?

Albie Manzo, the son of The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Caroline and Joe Manzo, is suing Seton Hall law school for not providing him with a learning experience that met his educational goals and for refusing to refund his tuition. This lawsuit comes on the heels of Albie’s wife Lauren getting denied admission to NYU law school because her LSAT score was too low.

Albie wants $10,000 in damages and attorney’s fees because he had given up his spot at Rutgers-Camden law school to go to Seton Hall. His reasoning? He wanted more prestige.

A legal update

Albie Manzo, a popular reality television star, has filed a lawsuit against his alma mater, Seton Hall University’s law school. In the complaint filed in the United States District Court of New Jersey on June 1st, 2015, Mr. Manzo alleges that he was denied admission to the school because of his occupation and status as an un-convicted felon. He also alleges that he was discriminated against by being told

he had to wait for an unspecified amount of time before he could be considered for admission to the law school. The complaint seeks damages for emotional pain and suffering as well as punitive damages. While this lawsuit is not likely to get far given Mr.


Albie Manzo, the 19-year-old son of former Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Jacqueline and Albert, was accepted to Seton Hall law school back in 2015. But as he was finishing up his first year there, he learned that the school would no longer be granting degrees after this year.

So now he’s suing them for 50 million dollars in damages, citing fraud and breach of contract. In an interview with The Daily Mail Online from earlier this week, Albie said I understand that colleges are struggling to survive, but it seems like a college degree would still have value. This is a sad story about how one student’s life came crashing down just when he thought things were going well for him.

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