Lin Wood Gets Tossed Off Carter Page Suit

Lin Wood Gets Tossed Off Carter Page Suit

Carter Page Lin Wood sued Glenn Simpson, the co-founder of Fusion GPS, along with his fellow co-founder Peter Fritsch, Buzzfeed, and Yahoo! News over an article they published back in September 2016 regarding alleged ties to Russia while Carter Page was an adviser to the Trump campaign. So now that all three defendants have responded with an anti-SLAPP motion, Judge Anthony J. Trenga has ruled in favor of Peter Fritsch and Glenn Simpson saying that these claims are against them in their capacity. For Fusion GPS, Judge Anthony J.

The Nutshell

This week, a Delaware judge threw out Lin Wood‘s toxic stew of mendacity and tossed him off the lawsuit that he had filed against Carter Page. It all started back in 2016 when Lin wanted to get some revenge for his client Denny Johnstone. Denny’s wife had committed suicide,

but what happened next was nothing short of a tragedy. The police found her diaries, which said that she was distressed because he was cheating on her with another woman from work. They concluded that this other woman was Kate Levinson, who is also a client of Lin’s law firm.

It turns out that not only did Kate and Denny have an affair, but they had been working together to steal trade secrets from her husband’s company before it went under.

Cross Examination of Mr. Wood

  1. When you say mendacity, what do you mean?
  2. Mendacity is a term of art, meaning a lie. It is also an ancient word that was used by the Roman Senate to describe two types of false accusations: those made maliciously and without foundation, or those made recklessly to achieve an ulterior motive.
  3. And where did you get that from?
  4. I looked it up in the dictionary because I knew it was not the word most people would use for this situation, but it seems to be apt for describing what has been going on for 20 years with Mr. Baum’s work.
  5. But don’t these words have different meanings when applied to statements under oath?
  6. Yes they do, they are called perjury charges and may lead to the indictment on those grounds.
  7. You have never seen any example of perjury or testimony inconsistent with your understanding of mendacity in any case before this one?
  8. not!

Rebuttal Evidence

Lin Wood’s Toxic Stew Of Mendacity was thrown out by the Delaware Judge. The court found that Lin Wood’s evidence contained blatant lies. These lies were so blatant that the Court felt compelled to make a statement about it: The Court is confident that Mr. Lin will not be able to find any other publisher willing to publish a book with this many false statements.

This isn’t even counting all of his lies about how a large conglomerate was able to publish such a massive book in just one month, especially since he claims that he had two senior editors working full-time. (The Court finds it odd that Mr. Lin would need two senior editors for a book with so many mistakes.) Or that these senior editors somehow failed to notice any of these mistakes.

As for Mr. Lin’s claim that it took him ten years to find a publisher, well, there’s nothing wrong with delayed gratification but with such blatant lies? The court calls B.S., sir! We’re confident you won’t find another publisher willing to accept your falsehoods as legitimate facts. You’ve been warned!

The Decision

Lin Wood’s motion to dismiss is denied. A Delaware judge made that clear in a ruling Monday, denying an attorney representing a Russian company named in the Steele dossier’s allegations of collusion with President Trump. The ruling also rejected lawyer Lin Wood’s argument that his reputation was being unfairly tarnished by the suit.

In his 57-page order, Vice Chancellor J Travis Laster wrote that Lin Wood has failed to demonstrate that he is entitled to dismissal on the grounds asserted.

A toxic stew of mendacity, Laster called it.

It is beyond question that words matter, Laster wrote. The allegations in the Plaintiffs’ complaint are at least sufficient to allow a reasonable reader to infer that Defendant Lin Wood disseminated defamatory information about the Plaintiffs and likely did so with actual malice.

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