Lin Wood Facing Sanctions And Disbarment, But His Alma Mater Can’t Quit Him

Lin Wood Facing Sanctions And Disbarment, But His Alma Mater Can't Quit Him

Lin Wood Facing Sanctions controversial lawyer often compared to the late Johnnie Cochran, has been under fire since 1991, when he was first suspended from practicing law in Georgia and Florida (he was eventually disbarred in both states). Despite this, his alma mater, Emory University School of Law (the former home of the Go to Law School—Get Rich Quick ad campaign), continues to be a supporter of Wood. And it’s all thanks to an anonymous $5 million donation that recently came through.


I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this man.  Lin Wood Facing Sanctions lawyer and he’s a professor at the University of Georgia. He’s also the founder and president of The Lin Wood Group LLC. You might know him better by his work with high-profile clients like

Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, or OJ Simpson. Nowadays he has been in the news for different reasons—namely for being one of three lawyers on Donald Trump’s team that is being threatened with sanctions and disbarment because they have been trying to intimidate women who have come forward with allegations against Trump.

When Mr. Wood’s actions triggered disciplinary proceedings in 2017

In 2017, Lin Wood Facing Sanctions found himself in hot water after a series of his actions led to disciplinary proceedings. First, he wrote a letter on behalf of his client (Darrell Gilyard) to the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell requesting that Gilyard’s suspension be reduced from six games to four. This was followed by an email accusing the NFL of racial bias and selective enforcement against

African American players. Finally, Lin Wood Facing threatened a lawsuit against the NFL for discrimination if Gilyard’s suspension wasn’t reduced. As a result of these emails and letters (and other allegations), Mr. Wood was sanctioned by both the Florida Bar and the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

The Committee on Professional Responsibility filed an 18-count complaint against Mr. Wood in September 2018

Lin Wood Facing Sanctions allegations include that he violated the duty of confidentiality owed to his clients; engaged in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, and deceit; knowingly disobeyed an obligation under the rules of a tribunal, and engaged in conduct that tends to defeat the administration of justice or to bring the courts or legal profession into disrepute. The complaint also seeks disciplinary sanctions including reprimand, suspension, and disbarment.

At a July hearing before the New York State Supreme Court in Rochester, the committee made its case against him

One committee member called Lin a chameleon who was able to change his personality to suit the person he was talking to. Another said he flirts with unethical behavior. One former student testified that Lin told him to go find a company that would pay for his tuition in exchange for him doing work for them.  Lin Wood Facing’s wife, Leslie Wood, also testified and defended her husband against the allegations. Lin Wood Facing acknowledged that he had pushed students in ways Lin Wood Facing disagreed with but said I know the difference between abuse and pushing.

The court agreed with most of the committee’s arguments against Mr. Wood

Lin Wood Facing Sanctions arguments in defense of his conduct were unpersuasive and baseless.  Lin Wood Facing Sanctions has created an actual and apparent conflict of interest, which is prohibited by the American Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct. As such, he has been suspended from the practice of law for 90 days. He will be required to show why he should not be disbarred.

In addition, as noted by both Mr. Bigwood and Justice Mendez, it was Mr. Wood’s lack of candor that led to repeated extensions of deadlines set by various judges

Mr. Bigwood said he had never seen a case like this in his 20 years as a public defender. Justice Mendez said he was somewhat taken aback by the information about Mr. Wood’s disbarment and sanctions and that the school’s acceptance of the donation amounted to tacit approval.

Lin Wood Facing Sanctions conduct has created a substantial disservice to lawyers and the judiciary, Justice Mendez wrote

Lin Wood Facing Sanctions amid a legal battle with the State Bar of Georgia for allegedly violating his duties as an attorney. The state agency is seeking to have him disbarred and sanctioned. He also faces sanctions from the federal court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for allegedly making false statements and disclosing confidential information in a lawsuit against President Donald Trump over alleged defamation by him on Twitter.

Wood attended Mercer Law School in Macon, Georgia where he graduated with honors in 1973. He was one of three members of his class to receive an award for outstanding service to the school; he chaired the school’s Board of Visitors and served on its Alumni Advisory Committee.

This article was published on 27 August 2019

Attorney Lin Wood Facing sanctions and disbarment by the Supreme Court of Tennessee. The disciplinary board took up his case on Friday. He was accused of misconduct in several cases. They cited one instance where he allegedly instructed his daughter to tell a witness that her father would sue him if he testified against the defendant. In another case, the board said he failed to disclose conflicts when representing two clients with opposing interests in a wrongful death suit.

The hearing ended with Lin Wood pleading not guilty to all charges and requesting a jury trial for each one separately instead of having them heard together as scheduled. The hearing will resume on September 27th and Lin Wood has requested that it be postponed until October 15th so that he can have time to prepare and gather witnesses for his defense.

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