Kanye West Gets Fired By His 4th Lawyer In Kim Kardashian Divorce Case

Kanye West Gets Fired By His 4th Lawyer In Kim Kardashian Divorce Case

What would you do if you went to sleep one night and woke up the next morning with no memory of anything that happened the day before? This was the case for Mr. Kanye West, who was fired by his 4th divorce lawyer in his divorce proceedings with Kim Kardashian-West. In this article, we’ll explore why Mr. West keeps getting fired by his lawyers as well as what you can learn from it as you make decisions in your life and your career.

The music industry is tough

Being a celebrity is a 24/7 job with relentless public scrutiny. Throw in constant separations from loved ones and it’s no wonder why so many celebrities end up lonely, depressed, or full of anger. Kanye West has lost yet another lawyer for his divorce case with Kim Kardashian.

The list of attorneys who have left Kanye’s legal team is long and confusing, but what is clear from the increasingly inconsistent hires is that Kanye’s lawyers are as much part of his problem as they are the solution.

With every new face comes an entirely new approach to handling this complex divorce battle.

Be prepared when your partner starts a new venture

Every business is a gamble, but the odds of success increase dramatically when you start with both feet on solid ground. According to John Antonoff, Co-founder and CEO of We Are The Guard, when starting a business with your partner, make sure to talk about everything beforehand – even down to what will happen if one person gets fired or leaves.

Antonoff explained that this is important because not every business will be successful from the beginning. There are always risks involved, but partners must be on the same page and know how they’ll respond in various situations. You should also consider what would happen if someone else offers them a job they can’t refuse — can either partner leave? What would that mean for the other partner?

Don’t make promises you can’t keep

It seems like every time Kanye hires a new lawyer, he’s gone in a matter of months. I think this says more about him and his immaturity than it does about his legal team. Each one of them was more qualified to deal with the complexities of this case than Kanye himself, so why is he still there?

It has nothing to do with his qualifications. I think it’s because he promised Kim  Kardashian that if she waited for him, he would take care of her for life. It sounds like a promise that could never be fulfilled.

This is a promise that can’t be kept. She knows it and so does Kanye. If she waits for him to grow up and finally start acting like an adult, she will be waiting a long time. Instead of going after someone who doesn’t have his priorities straight, Kim Kardashian should move on and find someone who will treat her right. You can tell a lot about someone by their promises, but you can tell even more by what they do. This is something Kanye has yet to learn.

The Kardashians are super difficult to deal with

Earlier this week, Kanye West’s fourth lawyer in a row bailed on him during the divorce proceedings with his wife Kim Kardashian. The attorney quit because she wasn’t getting paid for her services. Previously, Mr. West has had lawyers quitting before they even began negotiating because of the Kardashians’ reputation for being difficult to work with. This is just one of many signs that both celebrities are more interested in maintaining their show business careers than fighting for the justice system in America.

No company can be bigger than Kanye himself.

In case you haven’t been following the West Kardashian divorce saga, Kanye recently fired his lawyer over a disagreement on strategy with his newest team member. Seems like this beef is only just getting started and it looks like Kanye will be in it for the long haul with legal battles that are likely to take months if not years before they are resolved.

The way he saw it, his lawyers were ‘gonna ruin him, and needed to be let go. The history of Kanye being betrayed by business associates is well documented, so it was no surprise when he claimed that he felt like an artist again after firing four of his lawyers.

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