Law School Reimbursement? Your Professor’s Salary Holds the Answer

Law School Reimbursement? Your Professor's Salary Holds the Answer

Your law school Reimbursement professor’s salary may be the answer to a question that you, and many other law students, have wondered about. That question is how much will I receive in my school reimbursement? While this may seem like an odd question to be considered before you even begin law school, if you look at all of your possible financial aid options, it can play an important role in your decision process.

What is a typical starting salary for law school professors in 2017

In 2017, professors at schools with Reimbursement like UVA typically earn between $90,000 and $250,000. However, pay varies by location. At private schools on the east coast or west coast, professors can expect to make up to $250k. Whereas if you are a professor at a public law school on a midwest campus—you may be earning around $90k.

However, that’s just a typical starting salary. And as with many professions, you can make more depending on your experience and accolades. For example, if you are a law professor at UVA—and have been teaching for at least two years—you could be making close to $350k. This is because in Virginia professors are paid differently than in other states.

Here, professors are paid based on how many classes they teach in a semester and by how large their classroom is. These factors can influence how much professors make from year to year—depending on enrollment or class size of their particular class that semester. But don’t feel too sad for new professors at UVA or students about to graduate.

What makes law professors’ salaries so high?

The law professor’s salary at a law school Reimbursement like UVA is often determined by one Reimbursement factor alone: seniority. A professor who has been teaching for 30 years will make significantly more than a professor who has only been teaching for five years. With the bonuses of administrative work, outside consulting, and writing books and articles, professors can easily exceed $200K a year.

They can be guaranteed a tenure by five years

If you’re a student, law school reimbursement is an important factor. At UVA Law, full-time faculty members who have been at the university for three years are granted tenure. According to Glassdoor, assistant professors and associate professors earn $96K and $119K respectively,

but those numbers may not be accurate since UVA is a non-profit organization that pays higher salaries than industry standards to maintain prestige. Faculty who have tenure will likely receive raises as they gain more experience.

They can make much more with private practices

Many law professors get involved in various extracurricular activities. Some, for example, even decide to open private practices to supplement their incomes. Not only is this an opportunity for them to work at something they enjoy that could be more rewarding than spending time on a college campus all day, but also it creates extra income that they don’t need.

This is called moonlighting, and many of them have done so with enough success to surpass the salary offered by their university. That is what makes a non-tenure track law school Reimbursement professor such an attractive position: while they are typically less invested than tenured faculty members, they have the potential to make significantly more money on a per-hour basis.

They keep working after retirement age

Law professors are lucky enough to have job security and a salary that continues to grow even after they retire. But, if you’re wondering Reimbursement how much money they’re making, it depends on your school. Below is a chart of what law professor salaries might be at various schools in the US.

A Professor at UVA Law might make as little as $144,000 or as much as $315,000–a wide range that could make deciding on a school decision all the more complicated.

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The Top Highest Paid Professors at All Time

1) Einer Elhauge (California): $1,485,354 (2016-17)

2) Lawrence Lessig (Harvard): $4,500,000 (2000)

3) Christina D. Romer (Stanford): $4,500,000 (2009-12)

4) Victor W. Fuchs (Stanford): $4,875,000 (2008-09; he has since retired)

5) Mark Thoma: $5 million as of 2016. He is a finance professor at the University of Oregon and taught economics at the University of California Berkeley and Washington University in St Louis.

6) Eric Maskin (Harvard): $5,760,000 (2008-09; he has since left to become a member of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers)

The Most In-Demand Legal Special2ties

Specialties such as bankruptcy, elder law school Reimbursement, and matrimonial law are highly sought after. Taxation and corporate law also command significant salaries. There is tremendous demand for specialists in constitutional law, criminal defense, environmental law, and family practice.

If you have expertise in a lesser-known legal field or have experience working with underserved populations, your services may be worth more than you know!

The Most Well-Paying Employers

  1. The University of Virginia – $77,632
  2. University of Pennsylvania- $59,453
  3. Washington and Lee University- $50,796
  4. Columbia Law School- $44,150 5. Yale University- $43,184 6. Harvard Law School- $41,920 7. New York University – $41 or 43 with two incomes
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