Katherine Magbanua’s mysterious silence in the Dan Markel case

Katherine Magbanua's mysterious silence in the Dan Markel case

In 2015, Katherine Magbanua, girlfriend of Dan Markel’s ex-wife Wendi Adelson, was arrested in Venezuela on conspiracy to commit murder charges related to the deadly 2014 shooting of Florida State

University law professor Dan Markel. However, since then Magbanua has refused to cooperate with investigators and has not been brought to trial in the United States. So why hasn’t she talked? Here are five possibilities…

No one knows who she is

Markel was shot and killed in front of his home on July 18, 2014. Three days later, authorities filed charges against Katherine Magbanua, who they say assisted

Rudy Guede as he tried to enter Markel’s home at the same time that Kim Ogg and her husband heard glass breaking and shouting. Guede fatally shot Markel before escaping out of a window with Magbanua.

Though she wasn’t charged with anything until this past October – two years after she reportedly helped murder Dan – little is known about what has happened to her since her initial arrest. It’s been so long since anyone has seen or heard from her that the status of her employment (assuming she ever had one) is unknown.

Her criminal record

Magbanua, who is a suspect in former prosecutor Dan Markel’s 2014 murder, has not cooperated with police and has refused to talk to them since May.

For now, her attorney would only say that she is cooperating with the grand jury. As far as I know, she was always prepared to cooperate, said James Larry Meyers Jr., her lawyer at the time of

Mr. Markel’s killing. But there are still some issues pending. Magbanua was arrested on July 29 on cocaine charges that were not related to Mr. Markel and later released on bond on July 31 on a $25,000 surety bond…A non-criminal arrest like this one does not necessarily have any bearing on what will happen when and if Ms.

Questions about her motive in testifying against Sigfredo Garcia

Could she be a victim herself? Could she be intimidated? Could she have made a deal with Garcia to provide testimony as part of his plea bargain deal and now be worried that he won’t stick to his end of the bargain if she changes her mind about cooperating? What does it mean that nobody seems to know where she is? It sounds like someone wanted us to know they were afraid.

Forensic evidence casts doubt on whether she was at the scene of the crime

Forensic evidence casts doubt on whether Katherine Magbanua was at the scene of the crime. Police have failed to locate any witnesses that can attest to her being there and she has not given a formal statement.

The ballistic evidence seems to incriminate Andres Abadia as well, who is not cooperating with police efforts either. It is unclear what will happen next.

It is unclear what will happen next for Katherine. Police have shown interest in questioning her but can’t seem to find her. It seems likely that if she was not at home then it must have been when she dropped off a friend or relative, who was driving her car at night. Alternatively, I

t could be that she never went back to their apartment but instead went with Andres Abadia when he fled the scene. The prosecutor and police believe that his role was significant as they arrested him on murder charges themselves just days after authorities questioned him about his role.

Florida state attorney Angela Corey offered her a plea deal

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Katherine Magbanua is refusing to cooperate with law enforcement. According to state attorney Angela Corey, she offered her a plea deal. This could provide valuable insight into how prosecutors are seeing the case.

The court, however, stated that they do not believe she is responsible for the murder. It will be interesting to see if they continue to search for other possible suspects and whether or not this plea offer was just a bluff.

Her former boss says she would sell her soul for cash (about her testimony)

I don’t doubt that Katherine is a good person and has been wronged, but I am not sure she’s a good witness. The state is relying on her testimony to prove its theory,

that the defendant killed his wife. Yet, here we are all these years later with no explanation for why she didn’t cooperate with law enforcement from day one. And when defense attorneys came knocking at her door, before and after trial, she shut them out just as quickly.

To me, this suggests that she is not as innocent as she claims or has something to hide. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if it was $1 million or 100 million dollars worth of incentive for testifying- if you know what happened to someone and refuse to share that information with the authorities there’s an issue.

There may be perjury charges against her, but only if she is found guilty.

The four-month murder trial for professor and UF law dean, Dan Markel, ended on March 8th with a guilty verdict for his accused shooter and ex-wife, Wendi Adelson.

Just two days before that result, the judge presiding over the trial denied a motion from James Adelson—Wendi’s ex-husband and Dan’s current one—to pursue charges against Katherine Magbanua.

This denial was made in light of her unwillingness to comply with court orders to answer questions about whether she may have been involved in or knew about Wendi and James’ plans to kill Dan. As a result of this decision,

there will be no perjury charges pursued against Katherine if it is determined that she does not cooperate during the forthcoming phase of the investigation.

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