Rep. Jim Jordan Outraged About DOJ Refusal To Investigate Italian Space Laser Election Fraud

Rep. Jim Jordan Outraged About DOJ Refusal To Investigate Italian Space Laser Election Fraud

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio’s 4th Congressional District has expressed outrage about the Department of Justice’s refusal to investigate allegations that Italian citizens used laser beams during the recent Italian parliamentary elections to influence voters,

according to reports released yesterday by NASA and the U.S. military. It’s not just unprecedented; it’s unconscionable that our government would allow this type of election fraud to occur on our soil, said Rep.

Why laser beams are bad for Rep. Jim

A new allegation has come out that one of the European Union countries is using space lasers to sway elections in other countries, specifically Italy. It has not been made clear which country is responsible for this but Rep. Jordan has a theory. It’s just another reason we should continue with our investigation into this,

he said, just one more item to demonstrate how bad it was and why we need to make sure it never happens again. Rep. Jordan noted that Russia interfered with the United States election process in 2016, without any consequences – but if an EU country interfered with an American election, they would not be able to get away with it so easily

The European Union has been increasingly aggressive in its foreign policy, moving more and more toward a centralized government structure where they have more power over individual countries.

This is what Rep. Jordan believes was their ultimate goal with these laser beams that were used to influence elections – to sway public opinion in their favor so they could use a growing number of laws in Brussels, over which we had no say, he said. We must continue our investigation into exactly how bad laser beam election interference was,

because as long as Europe can get away with it, who knows what will happen next? In any case, using space lasers for partisan gain is not just immoral but also illegal under international law and we need to ensure there are consequences for doing so

Why Italians are involved

The Russian Deputy Minister of Defence, Lieutenant General Mikhail Mizintsev, was reported to have told the press that Russia had not used or been asked to use space-based lasers during its campaign in Syria, but would consider using them if requested by Damascus. In addition, his spokesperson denied the existence of any country in which Russia had ever operated such a system.

However, a sharp-eyed observer might have spotted traces of an alleged space laser during President Putin’s live call-in with Russian citizens on April 16, in which one caller asked about space lasers.

Good afternoon, Mr. President. I want to ask you about rumors that your army has developed space lasers capable of shooting down foreign ICBMs. When will they be deployed? asked a caller named Valery from the Voronezh region in central Russia.

What to do?

In the United States, voting is one of the most sacred rights we have as citizens. However, this election has seen significant hacking and interference from Russia, likely with a presidential blessing by Vladimir Putin himself.

Such unethical meddling deserves to be met with repercussions at the very least, if not criminal charges or wartime military action as evidenced by what just happened in Syria last week.

No one should be a president who has benefited in any way from foreign meddling in our democracy – but we must also recognize that there are ways to deal with our election fraud problems here at home, too!

What they don’t know can hurt them

For the last year, many have raised questions about the election fraud scandal in Italy. Evidence of wrongdoing at the polls, as well as with voting machines, has put a spotlight on election rigging as an issue we need to fix

. Yet the Department of Justice (DOJ) refuses to take these charges seriously and has stated that it is not looking into the matter despite petitions and Congress’ clear mandate to do so, prompting Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan’s outcry: This would be outrageous if true

, which seems very likely given this Administration’s utter contempt for rule of law and accountability for misconduct, he said in a letter dated Feb 16th addressed to Attorney General Loretta Lynch. The United States government should never shrink from its most important job – enforcing our laws, punishing those who break them, and defending the civil rights of all Americans. The public deserves no less.

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