How to Avoid Sports Naming Confusion: The Super Bowl

How to Avoid Sports Naming Confusion: The Super Bowl

Naming your Sports team well is an important part of branding, but there’s nothing worse than having your audience be confused when trying to communicate with them. For example,

just about everyone knows the NFL’s Super Bowl trophy by the name of the Super Bowl – except it’s not called that. It’s called the Vince Lombardi Trophy, named after the legendary coach who won the first two games in which it was awarded in 1967 and 1968.

What is the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is the National Football League’s (NFL) championship game that has become the center of one of the most heavily trafficked days in television. For non-American football fans, here are five things you need to know about The Big Game.

  1. What Is The Super Bowl?
  2. When Does It Take Place?
  3. Why Do They Play The Game?
  4. Who Can Play In It?
  5. What Are Their Opponents Called?

Why are people saying The Big Game?

The problem with this phrase is that it refers to more than one game. For instance, we often call the MLB World Series The Big Game, and the NBA finals are sometimes called The Big Game. Since there’s no ambiguity about which game is being referenced when you say The Super Bowl,

there doesn’t seem like a good reason for anyone not to use that phrase. You could also argue that most people know what sport you’re talking about since there are only two major games of American football,

but even then it still feels strange to say the big game because it’s become so associated with other sporting events. Plus, in Europe and Canada, they call soccer matches the big game.

If you’re still not convinced that calling it The Big Game is better than any other nickname, just look at what’s happening with smartphones. Most people around the world call them mobile phones and some markets use other names like handhelds or cell phones,

but because there aren’t any major conflicts with those names, no one worries about ambiguity. So why do we worry about avoiding ambiguity in sports when so many of us live our lives without worrying about it elsewhere?

If you’re still not convinced that calling it The Big  Sports Game is better than any other nickname, just look at what’s happening with smartphones – Second Paragraph: What are your thoughts on naming sports in general?

What Happens When You Google Big Game?

Dozens of people, who presumably were looking for info on the BIG GAME Sports on Google, might be shocked and disappointed when they find out they came across information about the BigPond TV show or search engine Bing instead.

It may seem obvious to say, but don’t use a general word that could be confused with another more popular term (like big game). If you’re writing a blog post about your company’s new tabletop soccer game, for example, don’t call it Big Game. Instead, choose something more specific (maybe like Olympic Games) so there’s no chance you’ll confuse readers.

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The NFL football league is the top level of professional American  Sports football. They have a full season that culminates in a championship game called the Super Bowl.

Some people mistakenly call this game the Super Bowl, while others still confuse it with college bowl games. Don’t be fooled; this sporting event can only be called The Super Bowl.

A Super Bowl is a championship game in American football. The term refers to both the game and its trophy, which is awarded to a winning team after they have won their league’s championship. Often, multiple teams compete for a single title, with two teams meeting in one final match.

Only once has there been more than one winner of a super bowl (after the 1969 season) when there were three different champion teams.

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