Divorce Journalist Interviewed SFLG’s Debra Schoenberg About Why High Net-Worth Individuals Retain a Private Judge

Divorce Journalist Interviewed SFLG’s Debra Schoenberg About Why High Net-Worth Individuals Retain a Private Judge

Divorce is a complex and emotionally charged legal matter. It’s also one that can impact your finances, including how much your Private Judge makes and what level of wealth you have. To best protect yourself from the potential financial impact of divorce on your finances, you need to retain private legal representation from someone who understands the legal system and how it works in high-wealth situations like yours.

If you are facing issues related to divorce or separation then there are many benefits associated with retaining a private judge such as avoiding court fees; saving time that could otherwise be wasted traveling between family homes; reducing stress levels during this trying time; getting access to experts who deal regularly with these types of situations; having someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes being able to take control over your life again!

Why do people retain a private judge?

  • You want to protect your privacy.
  • You need to ensure that the case is handled promptly.
  • You want access to a judge who is experienced in family law and has experience with this type of case.
  • You want access to a judge who isn’t biased against you or taking sides, as some judges can be very judgmental about certain issues such as money matters or marital discord (even though these things aren’t necessarily what caused them).
  • You also want someone who has experience in their particular field—for example, if someone has been through many divorces over many years, they may know better how best to handle certain aspects of custody proceedings than someone else might even if they had never gone through anything similar before!

What are the most common reasons why high net-worth individuals retain a private judge?

The most common reasons why high net-worth individuals retain a private judge include:

  • Confidentiality. High net-worth individuals want to protect their privacy and personal information from public records, such as the court docket or media coverage of their case. A private judge can ensure that all parties in the matter are kept confidential, which ensures that only those with a direct interest in the outcome of a case will be allowed access to any information about it.
  • Privacy. Because these cases are handled privately, there is no public record of them; this means you don’t have to worry about being publicly humiliated or embarrassed if something goes wrong during your divorce proceedings—your spouse won’t know anything about it unless they’re involved themselves!
  • No jury trial is needed since both parties agree beforehand not to want one (i) so they can save time by not having one -(ii) because going through one would add expense on top of everything else already being paid out each month -(iii) because sometimes people might need some help understanding what’s happening at times when things aren’t always clear cut like we think they should be…

What is the benefit of retaining a private judge?

The benefit of retaining a private judge is that it’s an independent third party who can make decisions based on the law, not the emotions of the case. Private judges have no bias and are not going to be affected by either party in any way.

They can look at all sides of a situation and come up with an impartial ruling based on what they see as best for your family instead of what you might think would happen if you were allowed to make those decisions yourself.

How much does it cost?

The cost of retaining a private judge depends on the complexity of your case and what you are owed. Costs can be negotiated, but they are not fixed and may change depending on circumstances.

In addition to fees and expenses, there will be other costs associated with retaining a private judge that depends on whether you choose to retain counsel or represent yourself in court proceedings:

  • Court reporter fees (if required)
  • Mediation services (if required)

Retaining a private judge is an important and beneficial decision for anyone who is facing divorce or legal issues.

If you are facing divorce, custody, or other legal issues, it is important to retain a private judge. A private judge can help you avoid a lengthy and costly legal process that could negatively impact your life. Retaining a private judge will also allow you to avoid the emotional strain of going through court proceedings and potentially feeling that your case is not being taken seriously by the court system.

Having an experienced attorney on your side will give them insight into how best to approach each aspect of your case so that they can provide the best outcome possible for both parties involved in their cases (i.e., wife/husband).


If you are facing any legal issues and need a private judge, contact SFLG. We will help you find the best solution for your needs. Contact us today!

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