Goodwin Partners Rejoice as Salary Hikes Match Expectations

Goodwin Partners Rejoice as Salary Hikes Match Expectations

Are you an associate at Goodwin Partners? Then you’re in for a treat! Goodwin has been offering generous salary increases to their staff across the board and this latest one doesn’t break the trend.

2018 Was A Great Year For The Firm

2018 has been an eventful year for Goodwin Partners. In the past 12 months, we have seen an increase in the number of partners and associates. We also raised our minimum salary to be above the national average for legal professionals.

And most recently, we matched any raises that lawyers receive after promotion so that everyone is being paid fairly and equally. We are very proud of how much progress we’ve made in just one year and are looking forward to 2019 with excitement!

Goodwin Partners has always prided itself on providing an excellent work environment for its employees. That is why when it became apparent that our previous salary raise was not enough, we stepped up and decided to give out a more substantial increase than anyone had anticipated.

Instead of just raising our minimum salary to $45k, we also decided to match any raises received after promotion so that everyone received equal pay. The firm’s current average salary sits at $60k, making us one of the best-paying law firms in our area. We know that success comes from happy employees, which is why we take our staff morale very seriously and wanted to ensure that all of their hard work was properly recognized and rewarded with increased salaries!

New Associate Salaries Are Equal To Expected Or Higher

The recent salary hikes for associates at Goodwin have been a breath of fresh air, especially after the uncertainty of whether or not they would happen. The company had begun discussing raising salaries in 2015 and has been very transparent about it ever since.

They addressed the issue multiple times and ensured their employees that they were going to act on the issue before the end of 2016. With this coming to fruition, we are now looking forward to what other changes Goodwin will make if any. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of more pay raises, improvements in benefits, and more opportunities for advancement within our careers.

Lateral Partners Are Even Better Off!

It was an exciting day for Goodwin associates as the company announced salary increases to match expectations.

Goodwin’s lateral partners are even better off, with a whopping 20% increase! In addition, the law firm made changes to its competitive strategy that will allow it to compete more aggressively for top talent. These changes include altering compensation and promotion packages, making it easier for attorneys to work from home, and adding new opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Goodwin Makes Sure Everyone Gets Paid What They Deserve

The new salary hikes are a welcome change for employees who have been looking to get a raise for some time. The matching raises made by Goodwin were a surprise, but one that is welcomed with open arms. Employees have been struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living in recent months,

and now they can finally see some relief. Goodwin’s decision to match salaries is sure to be a morale booster for all associates, from those just starting their careers to the seniors who have been at the company for decades. It also sends a message about how much Goodwin cares about making sure every employee is compensated fairly and gets what they deserve.

Embracing Innovation And Technology

Technology is one of the most important ways to stay relevant and competitive in today’s business world. It offers opportunities for companies to grow, expand and innovate daily. I’m happy to see Goodwin embracing this. More than ever before, it’s necessary for companies to embrace innovation and technology if they want to stay ahead of the curve and be successful in the long term.

Technology offers many benefits, from improving company efficiency to building better customer relationships with personalized offers. Therefore, Goodwin made the right decision by matching salaries with this new salary hike because it helps them remain competitive and innovative in today’s business environment.

Growth Continues In 2019 And Beyond

Good news for all associates at Goodwin, as the company is matching salary expectations. With some anticipating an increase, others were still pleased to hear that there would be a match. I’m so happy to see the company taking care of us, says an associate who has been with Goodwin for over a decade. It’s nice to know that they want us here.

The move comes after a record-breaking year in 2018. Goodwin’s has established itself as one of New York’s premier employers and has now put that reputation on display by ensuring its associates are paid well. Their commitment to giving back is not new however, last year they donated $5 million to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and pledged to donate 5% of their annual profits to further research.

We are very happy with our growth over the last 12 months, but we can’t stop here! says CEO Matthew Zellenbaum. We want everyone here at Goodwin to know that we’re working hard for them, always looking for ways to grow our business without compromising quality.

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