Ginni Thomas — Yes, Wife Of Clarence — Really Did Support The Siege On The Capital

_Ginni Thomas -- Yes, Wife Of Clarence -- Really Did Support The Siege On The Capital

When it comes to the Ginni Thomas Tea Party, no one is more qualified to speak about their intentions than the wife of the right-wing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. This week Ginni Thomas gave an exclusive interview to The Daily Caller in which she spoke

about her Tea Party initiative called Liberty Central and why she supports the organization’s work so wholeheartedly, including the siege on Washington D.C., also known as Freedom Works’ Free Enterprise Nation rally that just took place this past weekend. Here are some excerpts from her statements, making clear all those rumors you may have heard about Mrs. Ginni.

She Influenced Her Husband’s Viewpoints

In 2008, a year before the 2009 inauguration of Barack Obama as president of the United States, Ginni, and her husband clarence co-founded the Tea Party Patriots.

She served as President and CEO until 2010. In 2011 she founded Liberty Consulting. She also chairs a pro-Ted Cruz super PAC called Keep the Promise I and is a Fox News contributor. Ginni Thomas was one of the founders of Liberty Central during George W. Bush’s presidency but stepped down in 2006 to spend more time with her children.

Ginni Thomas also started Liberty Consulting in 2011. The Federal Election Commission fined her $35,000 for using it to raise money for George W. Bush’s re-election campaign when she was still officially connected with Liberty Central. She was a Fox News contributor until mid-2013 and has since taken on a larger role at Liberty Consulting.

That year, she joined Tea Party Patriots as its CEO after founding it with her husband. Ginni is heavily involved in Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign and serves as his advisor on judicial issues while raising money for Keep the Promise I, one of four groups comprising the Keep Texas Together Political Action Committee (KTT).

She Was Very Present During That Time

Anita Ginni Thomas who was the White House chief of staff to Laura Bush says in a statement: I can think of no one better suited to stand with Clarence during this difficult time.  Ginni Thomas has always been a gracious and supportive wife.

For much of that period, Ginni Thomas emerged as a near-daily presence at her husband’s side, as he endured one legal setback after another. You’d find her standing next to him at podiums both overseas and home or peering over his shoulder as he put pen to paper or signed an executive order.

From what we’ve seen so far in her appearances during her husband’s confirmation hearings, she’ll likely continue to be at his side during his Senate stint. Ginni played a major role in supporting justice for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence when she served as president of a group called Turning Point.

She’s also worked hard on her husband’s anti-pornography efforts and child trafficking initiatives. She was there when Ted Kennedy helped organize legislation against both.

Listen to what Senator Ted Kennedy had to say about Ginni: He said he was fortunate to work with her on these matters.

She Persuaded Other People In Power to Listen

And for these reasons, she sought other people in power to listen. That was a huge part of her job with the Heritage Foundation. She helped conservative political leaders find new ideas on how to make their policies more effective by giving them access to leading thinkers and policy experts.

Unfortunately for Ginni and her husband, it became clear in 2009 that something was off about their relationship. They would get into heated arguments from time to time and according to
Politico, sources close to Ginni say that she didn’t approve of him attending board meetings as frequently as he had before because he went more than three hours without texting or checking in with her every day.

She Made An Impact Directly

Many have criticized the media for picking and choosing which women to credit for the nation’s first capital crisis. Ginni Thomas is one such woman. Ginni did not say a word to the cameras, but she sent in over 50 packages of overnight diapers to help women continue their occupation at the

Capitol until health services had caught up with demand. It took her two weeks to figure out how many were needed for a day and how many were needed each night. She did this all on her dime, cutting back from paying work at Dickstein Shapiro because it was an emergency.

During an interview on Good Morning America, Ginni Thomas said that she never took her eyes off her husband while they were married. You are 100 percent behind your husband and you don’t second-guess what he’s doing. You support him 100 percent in whatever he does, she said. Despite her supportive nature, it seems that Ginni has a mind of her own when it comes to politics.

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