Fishbowl: An anonymous app for lawyers to discuss the industry openly

Fishbowl: An anonymous app for lawyers to discuss the industry openly

Fishbowl was created by an anonymous group of lawyers and consultants who were sick of the negativity, snark, and self-righteousness that permeates the conversations surrounding legal industry news, trends, and issues in most other corners of the internet.

Instead, they wanted to create a space where lawyers could express their true feelings about their jobs and the legal profession without fear of being judged—or even identified—by the outside world. To this end,

Fishbowl was born: a safe haven for disaffected law professionals who want to talk about their profession freely without fear of repercussion from within or without.

What is fishbowl?

Fishbowl is an anonymous platform where members are able to share topics with one another, ask questions and even upload anonymized documents that can be downloaded by other members.

Fishbowl offers a place where people in the legal field can be open and honest about work-related topics, without feeling any judgment or having the fear of being judged.

This transparency allows for legal professionals from all different disciplines of law, including outside counsels, in-house counsels,

government officials and even students, to communicate on a variety of topics related to their specific field of expertise. Fishbowl also provides access for younger professionals who are new on the job market looking for advice from others who have already been through this process.

Do you want to be anonymous on fishbowl?

I believe that it’s important that we be transparent and honest about how hard practicing law can be. Sometimes, in that pursuit of honesty, one may have to go anonymously – because when you work in this industry, there are personal biases everywhere.

This is why I think Fishbowl has such promise – as an application which allows us talk openly with others without personal risks. In truth, whether or not anonymity is preserved will depend on whether one is able to stay within certain limits of discourse which would otherwise violate our contracts.

How can I get more followers on fishbowl?

Upvote articles you think will help other members and answer questions posted by other members. For example, recently I was able to upvote and answer a question about staying in touch with colleagues.

Whenever you vote on something, people have access to your profile but nobody can see who you are until they vote on an item that is not hidden in your feed.

This means that you get the benefit of someone voting on your response while they remain completely private! As a result, everyone tends to upvote each other’s work and create a really engaging environment where everyone contributes positively.

Don’t forget to explore…

-Create a user account and fill out basic information (e.g., work location, experience level, etc)

-Scan your ID badge with your phone

-Select a game avatar of your choosing from various fish options or take on one that is suggested by Fishbowl

-Type in what you want to say in a post, which is limited to 140 characters and/or 10 seconds of video

-Press submit, select recipients, and hit send

We love suggestions, so leave your feedback in our comments section below.

Is there anything more difficult than practicing law? Well, most people think that it is and I cannot disagree. Everyday you have to go in and do something that isn’t going to make you feel proud. Why not, though?

You are a lawyer and this is what we all do. We leave our morals at the door and don’t let them get in the way of business. Let’s face it, every profession has its shady side but ours just happens to be public knowledge.

Thanks for reading!

I know what you’re thinking. How can I trust that the opinions are legitimate? I get it, and I want you to trust me.

This is why we created this feature on our app, where each attorney has their photo and video recorded in a video calling screen so that you know who they are as well as what they have to say. It also doesn’t hurt that every comment posted on Fishbowl is anonymously made without login required,

and every username defaults to being Anonymous unless users would like their name shown in place of Anonymous. Keep reading below if you want more information about how we make all of this happen!

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