Eric Nelson: A Sympathetic Case For A Sympathetic Man

Eric Nelson: A Sympathetic Case For A Sympathetic Man

Eric Nelson: A Sympathetic Case For A Sympathetic Manna Minnesota lawyer named Eric Nelson has been sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to misappropriating millions of dollars from his client’s trust accounts, many of whom were disabled, elderly, or in need of other types of assistance.

Although he deserves to be punished for his crime, I think that the court took this case way too far. You see, not only was Nelson previously charged with several misdemeanors but he was also extremely poor and desperate while taking advantage of his client’s trust accounts to pay off his mounting debt problems.

The strange case of a man named Eric Nelson

You may have seen the headlines last week and jumped to a conclusion– Kansas town outraged after councilman has seven marriages, or Kansas lawyer exploits marriage law to get out of debt. It was just one man.

Not a Kansas man, but one man named Eric Nelson. Eric claims that he needed a quick legal divorce from his second wife due to new job opportunities in Florida, and believed that the state’s mutual residence provision would work in his favor. I’m not a legal scholar myself,

but it seems like by forgetting about Texas’s ‘no-fault‘ grounds for divorce requirement (which requires the two parties mutually consent to end their marriage), he might have missed an important detail.

Arrested in 2015 for murder

In July 2015, Minnesota lawyer Eric Stephen Nelson was arrested for the murder of his wife and mother-in-law. To make matters worse, he was wearing a bloody shirt at the time.

Of course, this led to charges that he killed his wife and mother-in-law. I can’t get into any specifics because the trial is still ongoing and this post would be inappropriate if it got any more specific than that but, suffice it to say that I’m not sure what happened here! Either way though,

I think we need to remember that Eric is a person too. He didn’t ask for the spotlight (probably). Plus, he’s already been put through one heck of an ordeal!

Released on $50K bail

The bank robber known as The Actor managed to escape the Gray County Jail in the small town of Perryton on Tuesday morning. He had been transferred there from Pampa because authorities worried that he might have connections in Pampa, according to reports.

He remained at large for about eight hours before deputies recaptured him just after 8 a.m. Wednesday morning when they came across his truck at a convenience store off Interstate 20 near Lubbock.

His driver’s license was also found inside the truck, according to court records.

Then arrested again in 2016

Poor old Eric Nelson. At the age of 43, he is trying to live a good life and not be one of the million black men with a criminal record.

But it seems that there is no escape. He gets arrested in 2010 for selling $10 worth of marijuana to an undercover police officer and sentenced to three years in prison with two years suspended and five years probation.

Charged with first-degree murder

In 2009, Nelson and his wife divorced. With no children, the couple could barely afford to share custody of their dog. Then, in 2010, his company laid him off and he was arrested for misdemeanor assault for hitting his ex-wife’s boyfriend over the head with a beer bottle.

Afterward, he went to a bar and had two or three more beers. The next morning, he saw on the news that an Uber driver had killed six people in Kalamazoo with a semi-automatic handgun while they were sitting in traffic.

He pleads guilty to second-degree murder

At his trial, he testified that he was asleep when the robbery occurred. Mr. Nelson also testified that he did not know how the gun got into his house and said he had never seen it before.

Although he was likely less involved than the other two, who were both armed with guns, I would imagine that

Mr. Nelson felt threatened and protective of his property and family in the same way any homeowner might feel upon learning someone has broken into their home.

The prosecution however contended that Mr.

Sentenced to 8 years in prison

A Minneapolis lawyer, Eric Nelson has been given a sentence of 8 years in prison after being convicted of 2nd-degree assault, stalking, and identity theft. He will also be on probation for 5 years and have to undergo psychiatric or psychological treatment.

Eric’s crime stems from a domestic violence situation with his girlfriend in 2009 where he was arrested for throwing her into a refrigerator door. Nelson appealed the conviction in April 2014 but the decision was upheld by the Court of Appeals on September 29th last year.

Nelson is accused of hacking into the woman’s Yahoo e-mail account and using it to harass her with text messages in 2012. This led to an arrest warrant issued in December 2013 and his indictment and conviction this month, October 2015.

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