Matt Gaetz Gaetz: How Law School Alumni Are Reacting To His Scandal

Disowning Matt Gaetz: How Law School Alumni Are Reacting To His Scandal

When word broke that freshman Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) had invited George Zimmerman, acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin, to President Trump’s State of the Union address,

many Americans were shocked. However, one group felt much more personally affected by the news than most Americans:  Matt Gaetzfellow alums from Florida State University College of Law, who collectively issued the following statement in response to  Matt Gaetz’s actions.

It’s too bad his colleagues don’t feel the same way

Every time someone like me goes to a  Matt Gaetz family gathering I am reminded that it is so easy for the rich and the privileged to forget what’s right in front of them.

They’re already poised to do just that when they get their first job in law and they have access to an office, then a car, then a McMansion, then an international vacation property.

For people like me who did this all backward—working my way up from nothing through hard work at terrible jobs—it’s important to make every day count. That’s why it’s been so satisfying to see other alumni take the initiative and distance themselves as much as humanly possible from Matt.

He will probably be OK but it’s going to cost him a lot

Republican congressman from Florida, Matthew  Matt Gaetz, was recently investigated by his colleagues after it was found that he had allegedly offered to purchase a rifle and then cover up the purchase.

When questioned on whether or not this violated ethics rules, he refused to comment, but many still feel that this is an obvious breach of trust.

However, considering President Trump has been accused of a much greater crime with no consequences, Matt may be able to skate out of this one unscathed. But even if he does get off scot-free, he’s still going to cost himself plenty in legal fees and lost connections.

I’m sure he will have no problem finding work

Matt Gaetz, a Congressman from Florida, has been under fire for his involvement in a scandal where he was alleged to have given inappropriate benefits in return for political assistance.

The revelation has tarnished the name of law school alumni and they are now desperate to distance themselves as much as humanly possible from him.

Matt Gaetzhad has not been very popular with his colleagues but even among those on the opposite side of the aisle, this latest news was enough to make them see him as an object of scorn.

Plenty of people were unsurprised that he would turn out to be corrupt given his disrespect for norms and how long he had made other attendees at the Republican National Convention feel unwelcome.

I wonder if he will change when this is all over

As of now, it seems like Matt is going to distance himself from being in the spotlight and not want to do anything asinine that might come back and bite him in the behind.

He has apologized for what he did, but with his past, it’s hard to believe anything he says. It will be interesting to see how things unfold for him and whether or not he does mean everything he said or if this is just a ploy to save his career.

Either way, I’m glad that my law school alumni aren’t so much reacting to what he said because I know it would upset me greatly if my friends had ties to someone who speaks about women in such an awful way.

No, he won’t change because he can just run for office again

I know he’s only been in office for two months, but the outrageous behavior is starting to overshadow the good that Congressman  Matt Gaetz has done in his time here.

If he continues this pattern of behavior, then we’ll have to seriously reevaluate our endorsement of him. He won’t change because he can just run for office again.

Our Florida congressional district needs leadership now more than ever with an upcoming special election coming up in 2018. We cannot have someone like him leading us at this critical time in American history.

Ugh, we’re stuck with him until the next election…

Congressman Matt Gaetz has been in the news a lot recently. He is no stranger to politics but he has raised more than a few eyebrows with his recent tweets and actions.

On March 6th, 2018, he tweeted it was now well past time to start impeaching Judge Brett Kavanaugh (RT) (Kavanaugh). This sent social media into a frenzy, as many people felt that the allegations of

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford deserved more consideration than just throwing out an accusation (or in this case multiple accusations) on Twitter without any basis for evidence.

Which won’t be long enough.

We all have things we’re not proud of from our younger days. I was often reckless and stubborn when I was in my early 20s, but now that I’m nearly 50 years old,

it’s safe to say that any who knows me would never have guessed what kind of reputation I had among friends. On the outside looking in,

it appears to be the same for the Florida congressman and College Republican leader. The story surrounding him paints a bleak picture of an opportunistic politician who lacks empathy.

Matt Gaetz is a former state representative and attorney specializing in white-collar criminal defense law. He began his political career as a supporter of Ron Paul and campaigned with Rand Paul in Florida during the 2012 election cycle before running for office himself.

But even then, we’ll likely end up having to deal with him again.

He might be going to jail, but that doesn’t mean he’ll stop causing trouble. And even then, we’ll likely end up having to deal with him again.

Whether it’s a few years down the line or less than a month from now, who knows what state Gaetz will be in when he shows up in front of us?

So while law school alumni are publicly showing him his back and getting distance from him as much as humanly possible, we’re still not clear about him.

It would be nice if more people could get on board with ousting him now though.

Since Trump has been elected, a movement has been steadily gaining momentum among the general public to renounce him. A large component of this,

fueled by his now-dropped endorsement of white supremacist protesters in Charlottesville and police violence against African Americans, is an effort to reject those who support him by boycotting the brands they associate with him.

One lawyer’s solo protest had taken it one step further by standing on a street corner holding up a sign telling everyone coming from another direction that he ran from Matt Glitz. Not going unnoticed,

his words elicited a surprising response from everyone driving by and doing their best to avoid eye contact.

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