Did Kim Kardashian Ace The Baby Bar or Did She Flunk?

Did Kim Kardashian Ace The Baby Bar or Did She Flunk?

Even if you’re not following the Kardashians, you probably know that Kim Kardashian took her baby bar exam in July 2016. This raised some serious questions about whether or not it’s fair to have to pass a bar exam to become an adult baby, but state officials say they had no choice because of California law and the fact that Kim was already so famous that she was already considered famous enough to do just about anything even pass the baby bar exam!

I will never pass the baby bar

I can’t believe I have to take the baby bar this summer. It’s like I just barely got through college, and now I have to take a stupid test that goes over what my mom taught me as a kid. Why should I have to do this if it doesn’t affect my job performance? All the money I spend on night classes for these stupid exams might as well go into more daycare hours for when my baby gets here.

I’m just upset that all of my hard work from law school is for nothing now. You spend years studying, going to class, and taking tests. Then you have to take your baby bar and pass it with flying colors so you can keep practicing law in your state, otherwise, you won’t be able to practice in your area anymore.

This seems ridiculous! It’s just a test like any other one I’ve taken. Of course, my mom would know everything about it; she’s a lawyer after all! Who else would know better than her? How will I even study when my baby is due in less than three months?

I might pass with some effort

Kim is a mom and is never without her Hermes Birkin bag so the question on everyone’s mind was how would she juggle being an entrepreneur with being a mom? I

t seems that she’s got it figured out. On July 4th weekend, she had her first promotional event in Brazil where she showcased the recent acquisitions of her KKW beauty line. And there was no sign of baby North West. Was that a good enough answer for people or did they need to see more?

It seems that if you wanted to see some more about Kim, you can tune into Keeping up with the Kardashians on Sunday nights at 9 pm EST on E!

I can do this with minimal effort

The 7-step process for passing the baby bar that has been passed down through generations of children has never been more urgent. As a former student teacher and current parent, I’ve seen how important passing this bar is firsthand. It’s not just about knowing what to do in an emergency;

it’s about teaching a new generation of parents to be responsible for their children from the start. When I see photos of celebrities who may or may not have passed the baby bar, it makes me worry for their babies and our country as a whole.

The first step is setting up an emergency kit with all necessary supplies before birth. In case something happens at home, you want to make sure you have everything close at hand so you can react quickly.

I have everything it takes!

I have everything it takes to make a baby. I have the sperm and egg cells, and the necessary reproductive equipment, and I’m in the right age group. I also know what to do with a condom in case one breaks when you’re not supposed to be having sex (hint: throw out both!). But if there’s something that’s not on my side of the game board, it’s time.

Well, at least as much time as I’m going to have, which is not much. While I may be approaching thirty, I don’t feel like it. Neither do most other people my age who are in relationships and still making babies. But regardless of our youthful appearances and feeling,

it’s a biological fact that our reproductive abilities begin to decline after age 30 (at least for women), so if we want to make sure we’re still able to get pregnant when we want to get pregnant, then that means getting started before it’s too late!

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