Why the Paralegal’s Death in Boss/Boyfriend’s Bathtub was Declared a Murder

Why the Paralegal's Death in Boss/Boyfriend's Bathtub was Declared a Murder

According to the coroner’s report, the paralegal died in the bathtub and she had been  Death for almost an hour before her boss called 9-1-1 and declared a Murder. Her mother believes that her daughter was murdered. What happened?


The motive and how she died have not been released, but murder is now the presumed cause of death. John Giuca, age 25, of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn has been arrested for her death and has made bail for $100K cash. He is being charged with second-degree murder and tampering with evidence. Giuca had briefly dated Dorothy Borowska, who was found dead on Sunday evening when Giuca asked her to move into his house to take care of him while he recovered from surgery.

Borowska declined at first because she just wanted to have an affair, not move in as they were not dating or committed and didn’t know each other well enough. Giuca eventually convinced her by telling her that it would be good for them to get closer, so she moved in. On Saturday night, Giuca’s father called the police after Borowska told him that she thought Giuca had killed someone and needed help disposing of their body.

A day later, he found out his daughter had told him this.The police searched the home where they saw a suitcase full of clothes that resembled what Borowska wore and then proceeded to search the bathroom where they found evidence of trauma that led them to believe there may be foul play involved in Borowksa’s death.


The series of events leading up to the victim’s death was scrutinized by a jury and ruled this homicide. Evidence indicated that she may have been raped before her death. The rapist had touched something on the side of his body, indicating he possibly touched semen or other bodily fluids which could’ve contained DNA evidence.

On her face, blood had pooled from her nose and seeped into her eyes while they were still open—indicating she may have been alive when the man continued attacking her. Post-mortem injuries found on different parts of her body show that she was most likely kicked in places like the kidneys and neck with enough force to break bones.


D.C. lawyer George Vashon, who is also a licensed paralegal, allegedly forced 22-year-old Shakira Edwards to take her clothes off and climb into his tub with him before killing her as he sexually assaulted her in his Northwest home early Wednesday morning, according to court documents released by U.S. District Court for D.C.

The medical examiner performed an autopsy on Edwards and found that she died from asphyxiation and suffered a skull fracture and other blunt force trauma consistent with being beaten about her head. According to court documents, semen stains were also found on her clothes and body.

After allegedly killing Edwards in his home early Wednesday morning, Vashon went back to bed for two hours before calling 911 to report that he found Edwards dead inside his bathroom. Her naked body was lying face down in his bathtub filled with hot water.


Sources have reported that after a few days of the police investigation, they determined that Laura Hartley was killed due to her contact with hydrochloric acid while she sat in her boss’ bathtub. The accused, Harrison Williams, allegedly admitted to putting acid on Hartley’s towel before sending her off to talk with his wife, telling her he needed to speak with his spouse urgently.

He then proceeded to intentionally break the shower water supply line just minutes before she arrived home.

The prosecution is reportedly insisting that the accused and the victim had romantic interests in one another and argued over who should end their marriage.

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