Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

A criminal defense attorney can help you with your criminal case, whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony. The lawyer will represent you in court, where they’ll try to get the charges against you dismissed or reduced. If this doesn’t happen, then they might be able to negotiate with prosecutors on behalf of their client.

The Lawyer’s Role

The lawyer’s role is to protect your rights. They will help you understand the charges against you and what they mean, as well as any options available to you in the criminal justice system. They will also explain how those options relate to each other, such as plea bargaining versus trial by jury and whether or not there are any special rules about how long someone has served before being eligible for parole (or released from prison).

The lawyers at our law firm have over 30 years of experience helping people with criminal defense problems throughout Florida. We’re proud of our reputation for providing excellent service at reasonable rates; we promise that if we don’t feel comfortable representing your case after looking over all of your paperwork, then we won’t take it on!

The Prosecutor’s Role

The prosecutor’s role is to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecutor has the burden of proof, and must prove that you committed the crime charged beyond all reasonable doubt. This means that if there’s even a slight chance that you did not commit the crime charged, then according to our system of justice, it means someone else did (or at least almost did).

The prosecution has an advantage over defense attorneys in that they have far more resources than we do at our disposal: namely money and manpower from police departments and other government agencies like prosecutors’ offices around America who want their hands held by someone who can make them look good by “convincing” juries about guilt based solely on circumstantial evidence—that is: facts which only point towards one conclusion but can’t actually prove anything 100%.

Your Defense

  • The importance of hiring a lawyer.
  • The role of the prosecutor and their role in your case.
  • The role of the judge and how they will rule on your case, including whether or not you have been found guilty by them already (this can happen during trial).
  • The role of the jury, who must decide if you are guilty or not guilty based on what was presented at trial. If there is no conviction, then it means that there wasn’t enough evidence for them to find you guilty – even though someone could still be charged with other crimes later on down the line!
  • Finally, there’s one more thing worth mentioning: plea agreements! These are agreements between both sides where both sides agree upon something like having someone plead guilty instead paying fines/prison time because they don’t want any trouble from law enforcement agencies like police departments etcetera (“The Blacklist”).

The Criminal Justice System in Florida

The criminal justice system in Florida can be divided into three tiers: police and prosecution, court, and corrections.

The first tier is the police and the prosecution. The defendant is arrested by law enforcement officers who may or may not conduct an interview with him/her before deciding if there’s enough evidence to charge them with a crime or not.

If so, they will give notice for a bond hearing where their freedom may be revoked until trial so that they must remain at least one mile away from their home address while awaiting trial proceedings which include bail hearings (if applicable), preliminary examinations (if applicable), jury selection(s) Criminal Defense.

If applicable), pre-trial conferences between defense attorneys and prosecutors where pretrial motions are heard by judges before trials begin at courtrooms set up specifically for these purposes like circuit courts located throughout Florida – basically anywhere except county courts which deal only with misdemeanor offenses like petty theft charges where defendants usually get fined instead Criminal Defense

A lawyer can help you with criminal defense.

A lawyer can help you with criminal defense. A criminal defense attorney will review the charges against you and answer any questions that you have about the case or its possible outcomes. They will also explain what options are available for your defense in court, such as plea deals, sentencing enhancements (such as probation), and how these options could impact your future career prospects.

A good lawyer will also make sure that all of these things are covered during a meeting before filing an initial complaint with the court so there’s no confusion down the road when it comes time for sentencing dates and other important details like bail amount requirements set by judges at each stage along this journey toward justice Criminal Defense.”


A lawyer can help you with criminal defense. If you have been accused of a crime, or if you are facing other legal issues, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Robert L. Jendresen are here to assist anyone who needs legal representation in Florida and throughout the United States Criminal Defense.

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