Brass Knuckles Are Now Legal in Texas – Here’s Why You Should Still Avoid Them

Brass Knuckles Are Now Legal in Texas - Here's Why You Should Still Avoid Them

Did you know that brass knuckles are legal in Texas? As of September 1, 2017, the sale and possession of these items are legal in the state thanks to House Bill 1935. However, this doesn’t mean that the weapon is safe to own or carry around – especially if you’re going to use it on someone else.

There are plenty of other weapons available that will help you take down your attacker without risking severe injury – here’s why you should still avoid brass knuckles if at all possible, and what you can do instead when it comes to protecting yourself on the streets of Texas.

Know the Law

In the state of Texas, brass knuckles are considered a club rather than a weapon. This decision has led to their new classification as permissible, provided that they’re not concealed and only used for self-defense. As referenced in the earlier blog post, this is largely due to ignorance about exactly what brass knuckles are and how they’re used.

However, this does not make them a desirable choice for self-defense. For one thing, a blow from brass knuckles can be twice as powerful as that from a closed fist because the object is so hard. Beyond that, using them to defend oneself could easily lead to prosecution on grounds of using deadly force since they leave telltale markings on the skin.

Brass knuckles are dangerous

If you are convicted of possessing these illegal weapons and they are worth less than $25, you will only be charged with a misdemeanor. That may sound better than going to jail, but it is not worth the risk. There are many reasons why brass knuckles can be dangerous for the owner and those around them:

-Injuries from Brass Knuckles Can Be Triggered by a Bruise or Minor Wound: You may think that if you have an injury or bruise then the pain will not be as severe if you use brass knuckle, but this could easily trigger an injury that would cause long-term harm. Brass knuckle injuries are more complicated because they break capillaries within the skin which leads to blood loss and hemorrhaging.

Serious injuries with brass knuckles

Texas lawmakers are now facing serious backlash following their vote to legalize the sale of brass knuckles statewide. Critics argue that this decision will put people at a higher risk for injury, as it is almost impossible to use these weapons without inflicting a lot of damage.

One medical professional explains, As soon as your knuckle goes over the second knuckle on your hand, you’re much more likely to break your hand or injure some ligaments.

There have been many recent cases where people have died or suffered grave injuries after using brass knuckles, and because this weapon isn’t necessarily considered something you need to protect yourself with daily, most people don’t know how it works.

Consider your purpose

On September 1, 2017, the state of Texas announced that brass knuckles will be legal to purchase. I have compiled a list of reasons why you should avoid these dangerous weapons, as well as when it may be legal to purchase them from your local department store.

1) Brass knuckles are still illegal in most places around the world for one important reason: they can cause serious injury or death. The Department of State explains that.

2) Brass knuckles are often considered weapons by local authorities, so you may end up facing felony charges if you carry them. For example, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo explained that possessing brass knuckles is a third-degree felony under state law.

They may also qualify as weapons under federal law if they have barrels and mechanisms attached to them. According to Federal Bureau of Prisons statistics from March 2016, someone convicted of a third-degree felony could spend anywhere from two years to ten years behind bars and pay a fine between $2,000 and $10,000. The amount of time served will depend on whether it’s their first or second conviction.

Don’t be part of the problem

In Texas, it is now legal to own brass knuckles. But that doesn’t mean you should. Brass knuckles are potentially deadly weapons and they’re a status symbol for individuals with criminal intentions. I’m just not going to sugarcoat it:

Using brass knuckles as self-defense means you’re admitting you can’t go out without them. For those of us who want to keep ourselves safe without using such lethal weaponry, here are some tactics that don’t involve brass knuckles:

1) Look around your environment. Is there anything you could use to create a weapon?

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