Biglaw Firm Rains Money On New York Associates To Start Their Weekend

Biglaw Firm Rains Money On New York Associates To Start Their Weekend

A  Biglaw firm in New York has taken the time to dole out several raises to its junior associates, and it’s not even Friday yet!

Starting this week, these lucky lawyers will have to work an extra day before they get to work on the weekend, which is great news if you ask me. Who doesn’t want to start their weekend early? Or better yet, stay in bed late? I know I can’t wait until I’m working somewhere that cares so much about my quality of life as a lawyer.

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What do you get when a  Biglaw firm drops 8 million dollars on over 300 associates? You guessed it, an insane Friday night party.

This huge gift was given in the form of raises to everyone in the company. In a report done by Business Insider, they say that this $8-million-dollar expense is over double what most firms spend on merit bonuses each year. The raises are said to be anywhere from 5-10% on top of their base salaries,

which may not seem like much, but come 2020 this could save every employee up to $6,700 annually if they plan for retirement accounts or maximize their take-home pay with a side hustle.

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A Biglaw firm in New York was feeling the love this weekend when they unexpectedly handed out raises to their new associates. The firm’s culture is very tight-knit and many of them have had a chance to bond before their first day on the job. The partner felt it necessary to congratulate their new hires, who will be starting next week.

They chose to hand out checks for $10K, which shows how committed the firm is to welcome these new employees with open arms.

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Why not start your weekend off right? If you’re an associate at a big law firm in the Biglaw Nation, then Friday has just got a lot better. That’s because Skadden Arps Handles & Allers Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp is doling out raise bonuses to all of its employees,

and that includes the low-level associates. Skadden makes it clear on its website that all summer associates will receive a $6,000 one-time bonus. The only stipulation is that you are still an employee with them after September 5th.

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People in the law profession don’t usually like getting pay raises and enjoy starting their weekends. But if they had a chance to get one from a prestigious  Biglaw firm, would it still sound as bad? We’ll see.

The new Sunday, December 2nd raise announcement has made people on social media think about the good that could come out of this for their finances.

Someone on Twitter wants to know if it’s true.

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I want people to take a second and think about what they’ve achieved over the past six months because I think they’ve done a lot, Rosenkranz said.

People can feel accomplished. It should also be a moment of celebration and acknowledgment of the hard work that our attorneys put in every day. That their efforts are valued and recognized. We care about them and we value their work.

However, for some associates, these raises have been bittersweet because some will still only receive the $1,000 raise instead of what the firm normally offers which is usually at least $2,500 to $5,000.

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Congrats! I hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating and enjoying!

I’ve been in the profession for 6 years, this is my 7th associate raise. Keep up the good work!

You are doing fantastic! Don’t give up and keep going. It’s not easy but it’s worth it. I’m sorry to say that this kind of post put me to sleep so please forgive me if this comment isn’t exciting or energizing, however, congratulations. Your persistence has paid off.

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– As if Fridays weren’t enough already!

– Biglaw firms are all about that cake life!

– Wish my office had this!

– Fuck you, Mondays.

– All I want for Christmas…

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Every year, high-paid and underappreciated Biglaw associates in the  Biglaw dread Friday afternoon as the only thing left to anticipate is getting their real raises. On Friday afternoon, Davis Polk handed out generous 10% salary increases for associates on their first day at the firm.

I love this gesture because it shows that, like a university handing out diplomas on graduation day, Davis Polk is treating those leaving the firm to spend their first night with all of their post-collegiate friends a little better and more sincerely than what they did just nine months ago. Let’s all hope that we don’t need to do another job review while they’re still recovering from Thanksgiving break!

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