Attorney Sidney Powell Receives Backlash for ‘Kraken’ Antics

Attorney Sidney Powell Receives Backlash for 'Kraken' Antics

Attorney Sidney Powell found herself facing some serious consequences after she attempts to threaten Kraken with criminal action and legal proceedings went viral across the internet.

Her antics earned her the derogatory nickname Kraken Antics, and an attorney discipline action has been placed against her name by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Lawyer Disciplinary Board (LDB).

The LDB has ordered Sidney Powell to pay the costs and fees incurred by Kraken or face further disciplinary action in the form of fines or suspension of her license to practice law.

Attorney Sidney Powell

Sidney Powell has been a notable public figure for more than 15 years, with countless high-profile wins against the federal government under her belt. However,

she is now receiving backlash from both clients and colleagues due to her disdain for Krakens and their pizza offerings.

In February of this year, Ms. Sidney  Powell took to Twitter to voice her displeasure with the public pizza chain that is commonly known as the Hot Boyz after one location tweeted that they would not be taking orders on Super Bowl Sunday. In true surly fashion, Ms.

Sidney Powell let them know they were missing out and that their former success was overrated before going on to add that their pizza sucked and they were all losers in life.

The Rise of Social Media Influencers

Social media is a powerful platform for businesses. Many brands are gaining momentum by leveraging the unique influence of their consumers and adding them to their marketing campaigns.

Social media influencers are brands and individuals with large, dedicated followings on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter.

They garner hundreds of thousands or even millions of views for their posts. By working with these influencers, brands can reach a wide audience quickly, extend their reach and increase awareness.

Additionally, it is much easier to measure a campaign’s effectiveness through social media than through television advertising or print campaigns.

Measuring customer engagement is also made easy as users see who they are connected to online as opposed to traditional OF Sidney forms of advertising where they do not have access to such information.

Influencer marketing allows marketers to track how long consumers look at their ads, whether those ads lead them to a website, and ultimately whether those ads converted them into buyers or followers.

What Every Lawyer Should Know About Facebook Live

It’s no secret that people can turn to social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to find out what is happening in the world. Lawyers, who are part of this new media generation, use these platforms to advance their careers or as a platform from which they opine on national issues. However, some lawyers struggle with maintaining professional boundaries on these sites. Things you should think about before going live include: What is your goal?

What do you want viewers to know about Sidney your perspective?

What risk am I willing to take and am I responsible for all comments left under my post?

Be mindful of how the public views the law profession in general and if you’re willing to be an advocate for improving those perceptions by following this advice.

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