Another Biglaw Partner Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances

Another Biglaw Partner Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances

Another partner at one of the big New York City law firms has been found dead under mysterious circumstances. Over the weekend, the body of Benjamin Mendel was found floating in the waters off of Fire Island. Mendel was a partner at Cravath,

Swaine & Moore and had worked there since 2003 when he joined as an associate attorney and made partner in 2007. Before that, he attended Harvard Law School where he graduated at the top of his class and served as an editor on the Harvard Law Review.

The body was found in the water near his beach front home

The body of a 65-year-old partner at Sullivan & Hendersons was found in the water near his beachfront home by one of his neighbors.

The police are still investigating but it’s presumed that this is suicide. There were reports of strange noises coming from his house leading up to the discovery, but no reports of burglaries or robberies.

The police found evidence that someone may have been trying to break into his house with the intent to steal something, but nothing appears to be missing or disturbed. The medical examiner is conducting an autopsy and will release their findings as soon as they’re ready.

Is there foul play?

It is unclear what the circumstances are surrounding the death, but locals say it is not uncommon for sharks to swim near shore. The victim’s car was found outside of the beach and police are currently investigating.

Neighbors say they last saw him at his house when he went to bed around 2am. No arrests have been made yet and a coroner has ruled out suicide as a cause of death pending further investigation.

Given recent layoffs in big law, many partners are already under extreme amounts of stress and pressure, which can cause additional health risks. Additionally, it is not uncommon for lawyers to drink heavily to cope with their stress.

It is unclear whether that was a factor in his death. There were also no signs of a struggle at his home leading police to believe he knew whoever killed him and let them into his house. With so much uncertainty surrounding these deaths,

it will be difficult for law firms across america to ensure workplace safety until all suspicions are cleared up by police.

The partner had recently been promoted at their law firm

David Berry had been promoted to partner in the firm just this past year. He was found dead in the water near his home on April 9th. Police have not revealed any findings that would cause them to suspect foul play,

and they will not say if they plan to look into the case as suspicious. His wife and son had left for a weekend getaway without him earlier that day, leading some people to speculate that it may have been an accident of sorts (although no assumptions should be made at this time). No matter what, this is an unthinkable tragedy, commented a colleague of Mr. Berry’s. He loved being a lawyer so much.

He was single but did have a live-in girlfriend

Police still don’t know what happened to Jeff Reeves and are searching for clues. His live-in girlfriend, Karen McKay, had given a statement to the police saying she came home and found Reeves’ car parked out front but no sign of him in the house.

He was found dead near his beachfront home with no apparent injuries or signs of foul play. Authorities have not yet determined the cause of death.

The girlfriend’s alibi checked out

I spoke with Elise, the girlfriend of Hugh Bloomer III, who passed away recently. She was adamant that she had nothing to do with the death and has fully cooperated with authorities. According to her account,

she spent the day at her friend’s home for a birthday party that evening and returned home before midnight. Authorities confirmed that nobody came or left the house until the early morning hours when paramedics arrived at 3:34 am to revive Mr. Bloomer.

The party was documented by security cameras on site as well as smartphones in attendance and showed only six individuals arriving before 8 pm, including Ms.

An autopsy confirmed he died of drowning and hypothermia

I can’t help but feel that his death is tied to a professional decision he made recently. With big firms struggling to stay afloat, law firms are putting extreme pressure on their partners to bring in new clients and bill as many hours as possible.

Maybe John felt the stress of this position more than others and it killed him? I’m not sure we’ll ever know for sure, but it wouldn’t surprise me if John’s death was due to how his law firm structured its compensation system.

Other associates are stunned by the news; it appears to be an isolated incident.

A lawyer at a prestigious New York City law firm, known to many in the legal industry and city circles, was found dead Tuesday morning near his beachfront home on Long Island. His car was discovered unoccupied with the engine running and the transmission in drive.

The man’s remains were found at 6:15 a.m., just 50 yards from his driveway. Authorities have not yet determined an official cause of death for the man, who most recently served as a partner at one of New York’s top law firms.

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