Amy Chua Keeps Inviting Reporters Into Her Home It’s Like She Wants to Get Into Another Mess

Amy Chua Keeps Inviting Reporters Into Her Home It's Like She Wants to Get Into Another Mess

In the years since Amy Chua’s explosive 2011 Wall Street Journal article, she has invited reporters into her home again and again as if this wasn’t exactly how she got into this mess in the first place.

Why do I want to read this?

Journalists are always eager for the next big story that could be the hot topic for a day or two. Last year, Amy had a message for them: don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it! For months, she brushed off requests to be interviewed and instead chose to write her thoughts in the Wall Street Journal.

But now, like a fool, she is inviting them into her home! With her husband and kids next to her! She was lucky last time! After refusing over 50 interviews, Amy herself decided it was time. I’m ready! she said as she kicked up her feet. Have at me!

The reporters came over with their notebooks and pens in hand. They smiled as they asked question after question about why Chinese parents are superior to Western ones. But then they got too close…Too close…Now here we are again, in a mess. There goes another chance for Amy Chua to learn from her mistakes!

Why should I care?

Chua is a Yale law professor and the author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. That might be interesting if she were a mom with an offbeat, universally-respected approach to parenting. But she’s not. Recently, it was revealed that her strict parenting style includes getting her kids to call her Mommy, so they won’t forget their identity. Again, that might have been at least a little bit interesting if she were a tenured Harvard professor who teaches eighth graders Mandarin or something like that. Instead,

Chua is largely recognized for thinking it is OKAY (her words) to force Chinese parents on Western society through any means necessary–including shaming other American parents for being too indulgent with their children.

In one sentence, what is the takeaway?

In an interview with NPR, Amy Chua said, Reporters are like the arsonists that are setting fire to your house. They say they’re trying to help you put it out. Journalists too often get caught up in sensationalizing these arguments and accusations.

Just as there’s been a rise in outrageous quotes from commencement speakers, like some of those by Professors James Murphy and Robert Barchi, or interviews with David Duke, there’s also been a steep increase in media coverage about Dr. Blasey Ford and Professor Hill in the past week-plus.

In an interview with NPR, Amy Chua said, Reporters are like arsonists that are setting fire to your house. They say they’re trying to help you put it out. The media has caught on fire over what is being called a Me Too Movement, specifically concerning women who accuse men of sexual assault.

And while at first, it seemed like outlets were working together to expose harassment and abuse of power across America, it seems as though some have decided turning down their ability to scrutinize facts and details is easier than having a productive conversation about these issues.

What am I going to learn from reading this?

  1. I’ll learn that Amy Chua is not running her mouth off anymore and instead inviting reporters into her home as if this isn’t how she got into the mess in the first place.
  2. I’ll learn that she invited one reporter in particular (from NPR) who was able to get quotes from a visit last month.
  3. Amy Chua is still keeping reporters out of her house when they try and knock on the door, which was apparently how this whole thing began in the first place, so it sounds like she knows what she is doing when it comes to getting into more messes, even though I want her to just stop with these invitations already!

There is no section four because it would be something like I don’t know why anyone cares

I don’t know why anyone cares about this or why she keeps inviting these reporters over.

Yes, she invited a New York Times reporter into her home, probably to talk about what has been going on in her life since she got so upset that everyone criticized her for how she raised her kids. Who does that? I don’t know why anyone cares.

Yes, Amy didn’t realize when she let go of those tigers in those cages and then fed them food that wasn’t their usual diet that it was going to go wrong. I don’t know why anyone cares. She probably shouldn’t have had one of those tigers chasing that other tiger and jumping over stuff like a horse on YouTube but oh well no one is perfect.

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